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New Students

Welcome to SUNY Potsdam!  We know that living on campus for the first time can make people both excited and nervous.  Most of us who work in the department do so because living on campus was one of the best experiences that we had in college, and we want to help your experience be great as well!

The live-in professional staff, Residence Hall Directors (RDs), and student staff, Resident Assistants (RAs), will be working to provide a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment.  They will offer programs and activities that will help you make friends, enhance learning outside of the classroom, and develop as a person.

In addition, you will find yourself in a building that is safe, clean, and that is close to everything you will need on campus.  Your room will be furnished, will come with cable TV and wireless internet, and will be within easy access to kitchenettes and laundry facilities (which you use for free!).

As you prepare to come to Potsdam, please note that the priority date to request a specific building and roommate is June 15th. If you have not yet requested to live on campus, please follow the directions listed in the SUNY Potsdam Orientation 2018 first year checklist (page 10, step 7, "Live On Campus") . On August 1st, log in to BearPAWs to view your room assignment and roommate(s).

Please remember, SUNY Potsdam requires students who enter as new first year students to live on campus for the first 2 years or 4 semesters.