Executive Committee

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

According to the Bylaws of the Faculty,   "The Executive Committee (of the Faculty Senate) shall include the   officers of the Faculty Senate, the Chair of each of the Faculty Senate   Standing Committees, the University Faculty Senator (ex-officio), and an   additional member from each school of the College not otherwise represented in   the aforementioned categories of members. A representative of the collective   bargaining agent will be invited to attend as a non-voting member. A quorum of   this committee shall consist of a majority of its membership and is required   for the conduct of business."

Faculty Senate Officers (division) Position Phone E-mail Term
Jan Trybula (A&S) Faculty Senate Chair 2258 trybulj 2011-2013
Raphael Sanders (Crane) Faculty Senate Vice-Chair 2448  sanderrp 2013-2015
Susan Haller (A&S) Faculty Senate Secretary 2216 hallersm 2012-2014
Standing Committee Chairs (division)        
Kimberly Bouchard, Chair (A&S)     
Academic Policies, Standards & Advising
bouchaka 2012-2014
Marianne Hebert, Co-Chair (Libraries) Academic Programs & Curriculum 3308 hebertm 2012-2014
Andre Mount, Co-Chair (Crane) Academic Programs & Curriculum 2459 mountag 2013-2015
Nicole Feml, Chair (2014, SOEPS) Admissions 3022 femlna 2012-2014
Shalu Wunnava, Chair (A&S) Business Affairs 2238 wunnavss 2012-2014
Elizabeth Andrews, Co-Chair (Libraries)   
Goals and Planning 3309     
andrewec 2013-2015
Carol Rossi-Fries, Co-Chair (SOEPS) Goals and Planning 2866 rossifcc 2011-2013
Kate Jeror, Chair (SOEPS) Graduate Affairs 2160 jerorkm 2013-2015
Lonel Woods, Chair (Crane) Student Affairs 2465 woodsl 2011-2013
Peter Cutler, Chair (Graduate Studies) Nomination 3154 cutlerpj 2013-2015
University Faculty Senator        
Walter Conley   3764 conleywj 2013-2015
Susan Haller Alternate 2216 hallersm 2013-2015
Non-voting members        
Laura Rhoads UUP 2260 rhoadsls  
James German General Education
2981 germanjd  

  Phone numbers are on campus only. From off campus, all numbers are (315) 267-xxxx.