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Meeting Materials


The Tentative Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Approval of the Agenda as sent to the campus by email in advance of the meeting and as published on the Faculty Senate webpages
  2. Approval of the meeting minutes - September 22, 2016
  3. Senate Chair Report- L. Wilson
  4. University Faculty Senate Report - W. Conley
  5. SGA Report
  6. Academic Policies, Standards, and Advising – D. Bugg & T. Morse
    Academic Programs and Curriculum – J. Foisy & C. Miller
    Admissions – M. Misiak
    Business Affairs – K. Fennell & C. Rossiter
          ACTION ITEM: Recommendation to create a campus-wide Fiscal Affairs & Strategic Planning Committee
    Goals & Planning – L. Hall & J. LaFave
    Graduate Affairs – H. Ellingsen
    Student Life Committee – S. Partridge
    Nominating Committee – P. Cutler
  7. Reports:
    Learning Management System (Moodle vs. Bb) Q&A – A. Hersker & K. Brown
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business

There will be a meeting of the Full Faculty on Thursday, November 10 at 4:00 pm in Kellas Hall (Room 105)