Meeting Materials

There will be a meeting of the Faculty Senate on October 30, 2014.

The meeting of the SUNY Potsdam Faculty Senate will be at 4 p.m., Raymond Hall, 8th Floor, Dining Room

The Tentative Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Approval of the Agenda as sent to the campus by email in advance of the meeting and as published on the Faculty Senate webpages.
  2. Approval of the September 25, 2014 Faculty Senate meeting minutes - View Minutes
  3. Senate Chair Report – J. Trybula
  4. University Faculty Senator's Report - W. Conley
  5. Provost’s Report – Provost M. Madden
  6. TLTR Report - R. Bowdish
  7. SGA Report – SGA President M. Frisbee
  8. Action Items
    1. APCC - Music Composition Minor - View Proposal
    2. FSEC - Resolution in support of the Distance Learning Curriculum Advisory Committee's proposal for expedited review and provisional status of distance learning course - View Proposal
  1. Standing Committee Reports
    Academic Policies, Standards, and Advising
    Academic Programs and Curriculum
    Business Affairs
    Goals and Planning
    Graduate Affairs
    Student Affairs
    Nominating Committee
  1. New Business