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Archive Notes - May 2010

During this unprecedented time in State budget negotiations I am doing
everything in my power to urge the Governor and legislative leaders to
get back to the work of passing a budget and ending the necessity for
furloughs. Kathy Perry, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
and her staff are working diligently to clarify the precise nature of
the furloughs and the impact on the College?s workforce.

A formal
letter written by SUNY for my signature will be distributed this
afternoon to all affected employees. This letter, drafted by the SUNY
central administration, outlines the immediate steps of implementing the
furlough to fulfill contractual and legal requirements.

will not impact student workers or work study recipients. MC employees,
University Police officers, primary care providers and nurses in
Student Health Services, and others whose duties are considered
essential by the state, are among those not affected by the furlough.

will be working with campus leadership to ensure that the end of
semester final exam schedule and all Commencement activities are
protected during this critical time. The College?s goal is to minimize
the impact of furloughs on the student experience while we support
employees through difficulties related to the furlough.

Our New
York State legislators and the Governor must concentrate on passing a
budget, so that we can get back to the business of educating the future
leaders of New York State. I fully understand the hardship being placed
on our employees and am working hard to communicate with our legislators
the importance of passing a budget in order to end all discussion of