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Why Choose Potsdam

Accessible Faculty

Because we take your education seriously.

  • #1 in SUNY for access & mentoring
  • Small classes (our student/teacher ratio is 15:1)
  • Personal Advisers

Test Optional

Because we value the whole student and provide a hand crafted education.

  • At SUNY Potsdam, a rigorous high school curriculum is the best indicator of student success.
  • At SUNY Potsdam, standardized tests have not been a predictor of student success.
  • This policy is a better fit with our culture of creativity and interdisciplinary studies.

Great Location

Because once you go North - you'll never want to go back.

  • Adirondack Park is your backyard!
  • Safest campus in SUNY
  • Venture Outdoors student-run rentals for outdoor recreation
  • Classic college town (four colleges in 10 mile radius, 13,000 college students in the area)
  • Close to Ottawa and Montreal to the North; Syracuse to the South, Burlington, VT to the East

Choices/Intellectual Curiosity

  • More than 40 majors and 40 minors
  • Undergraduate research
  • Honors Program
  • Study abroad
  • More than 400 music, dance, theatre productions per year
  • Roland Gibson Art Gallery


  • In-state tuition is $$6,670
  • Commitment to campus improvements including renovations to residence halls and new Performing Arts Center
  • Scholarship programs

We Know Having Fun is Important Too

  • We want our students to not only be well educated, but also socially well-rounded citizens.
  • More than 100 clubs and organizations
  • A student-run nightclub, radio station and more

Good Eats

  • #1 in SUNY for food service
  • Farm to Table program brings local produce right to your plate
  • Your money is recycled on campus in the form of scholarships
  • Campus eating includes fireside lounges, cyber cafes, coffee bars, brick oven pizza, vegetarian options and more.

Housing Variety

  • Singles, doubles, suites, apartments, townhouses
  • Off-campus options for upper classmen
  • Convenient campus layout
Fall on Campus

Go Further.

95% of our graduates are employed or in a graduate program within 6 months of graduation.