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Stone Valley

Hey Students, Take a Hike!


  • Escape from the stress
  • Wilderness close to home
  • Raging water
  • New experience
  • Exercise
  • Rejuvenating
  • Dramatic rapids, waterfalls, gorges, rock out-cropping

Stone Valley Website


    • Points of Interest (Check numbers on map)

      1. Northern Trailheads
      2. County Parking/Trailhead
      3. Cathedral Grove/O'Malley Brook
      4. Lucy's Hole (the gut)
      5. High Terrace
      6. The Tub
      7. The Narrows
      8. Southern Trailheads
      9. Tannery Ruins Site
      10. O'Malley Brook Overlook
    • Cross country skiing
    • Historical exploration
    • Rock islands
    • Cliffs
    • High water/dangerously fast
    • Kayaking
    • Canoeing
    • Beach
    • Snowshoeing

Whitewater Warning

  • Areas of the trail allows you to be close to the river and also stand
    on rocks. Read the safety signs and stay on the trail during the fast
    moving water.
  • Only Advanced Level Kayakers for the Stone Valley run. If you are NOT an advanced kayaker, do not attempt at Stone Valley.

    Note that if you are looking for whitewater excitement, this
    classic Adirondack run, with a pool-drop character, draws kayakers to
    this area. Dropping 200 feet in the first mile, it runs seven distinct
    rapids separated on an average of 100-200 yards. This volume of water
    turns some of Stone Valley falls and narrows into Class V whitewater
    runs, some of the most difficult in the rating system.