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Sheltering in Place During a Campus Violence Emergency

During a campus violence emergency, it may be necessary to ?Shelter in Place? or remain in a location where there is less risk of becoming a victim of violence. Whenever possible, identify a ?Shelter in Place? location nearby your work area/classroom where you and your fellow occupants should remain during an emergency.

The ?Shelter in Place? location should have the following criteria;

  1. An enclosed area which cannot be viewed from outside areas,
  2. Solid doors which can be locked from the inside,
  3. Access to a campus phone, and
  4. Large enough to accommodate the people in your work group/classroom.

After being notified of a violence emergency on campus gather your fellow building occupants in your work group/classroom and proceed to the ?Shelter in Place? location. If you are nearby the emergency, call University Police at 2222 on a campus phone or 911 on a non-campus phone.

Remain in the ?Shelter in Place? location until you receive instructions from a college official, University Police or Law Enforcement Personnel that it is safe to leave.

Please note ?Shelter in Place? is performed during campus violence emergencies. In all other instances, the buildings should be evacuated unless notified by a college official, University Police or Law Enforcement Personnel to remain in place.