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Physical Plant Security Update

January 21, 2016

When classes resume on Monday, January 25, there will be restricted access to most campus buildings during normal business hours.

The most highly trafficked entrances will remain open.

However, side entrances and basement doors will be locked on many facilities as a continuing security measure. Signs will be posted to mark all restricted entrances.

Residence halls will require key card access at all times, as they currently do.

In compliance with fire code and New York State law, patrons will still be able to exit buildings at all doors, including restricted entrances.

The following list indicates which entrance doors will remain OPEN, for each building:

  • Raymond Hall: Main entrance
  • Carson Hall: Entrance to Academic Quad, entrance at Becky's Place, loading dock
  • Dunn Hall: Outside entrance across from Brainerd Hall, main entrances from Quad, handicapped entrance off Barrington Drive, loading dock
  • Morey Hall: Entrance from Carson Hall, outside connector to Flagg Hall
  • Flagg Hall: Outside connector from Morey, inside connector to Satterlee Hall
  • Satterlee Hall: Main entrance from Quad, main entrance facing Pierrepont Avenue, inside connector from Flagg, inside connector to Brainerd
  • Brainerd Hall: Main entrance from Quad, inside connector from Satterlee, south entrance by Lehman Hall
  • Stowell Hall: Main entrance near Minerva Plaza, outside connector to Timerman Hall, inside basement connector to Timerman
  • Timerman Hall: Outside connector from Stowell, inside basement connector to Stowell, outside entrance near Merritt parking lot
  • Merritt Hall: Main entrance from Quad, outside entrance from Merritt parking lot, inside connector from Kellas (to pool area), outside entrance near parking lot for Child Care Center
  • Kellas Hall: Outside connector to Stillman, outside door to/from Quad, outside door to Crane, inside door to Merritt
  • Stillman Hall: Outside connector from Kellas, inside connector to MacVicar
  • MacVicar Hall: Entrance from Stillman, inside connector to Carson
  • Crumb Memorial Library: Main entrance facing Quad, main entrance facing Bicentennial Plaza and Merritt Hall, handicapped entrance on north side of building.
  • Barrington Student Union: Main entrance off Barrington Drive, side entrance to Van Housen, side entrance from Draime, doors between Sisson and the Union, mailroom delivery door
  • Sisson Hall: Main entrance off Barrington Drive, doors between Sisson and the Union.
  • Van Housen Hall/Extension: Main entrance off Quad, side entrance off Watertown Drive near University Police office, back entrance off parking lot
  • Thatcher Hall: Main entrance off Barrington Drive (during Dexter's Caf hours), loading door entrance for PACES use only
  • Performing Arts Center: Main entrance near Snell Music Theater, entrance near Bishop Hall, entrance facing Knowles Hall
  • Crane School of Music Complex: Entrance near Snell Music Theater, connector to Performing Arts Center, door near parking lot by Schuette Hall, southeast door of Bishop Hall near Lot 9, plaza door to Schuette Hall, plaza door to Bishop Hall, Schuette handicapped entrance on west side of building
  • Maxcy Hall: Main entrance at ramp, Field House entrance
  • Residence Halls: Remain locked 24/7

If you have any questions about campus access, please contact the appropriate building administrator or call Physical Plant at (315) 267-2135.