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Earth Week

earth day photoWhat is Earth Week?

Earth Week is a celebration of the earth that takes place at SUNY Potsdam annually. SUNY Potsdam's environmental club, Middle Ground, runs earth week by organizing different events that take place each day. Middle Ground encourages student participation and welcomes new ideas.

What is the Goal of Earth Week?

The goal of earth week is to encourage student, staff, faculty and community involvement for environmental awareness as well as to educate about environmental problems and how they can make changes in their everyday lives to help contribute to solutions for environmental problems. Middle Ground develops events that are not only fun and engaging, but educational as well. The participation of the Potsdam community and Potsdam campus is greatly encouraged and hoped for by Middle Ground.

Some Past Earth Week Events:

  • An outside concert and barbeque to kick off Earth Week.
  • 5k walk/runs to benefit an environmental cause.
  • Environmental documentaries such as "GasLand" are shown with a discussion panel directly following the movie to discuss opposing sides.
  • Water bottle awareness day in which students raised awareness about the production and consumption of water bottles.
  • Students have visited local schools educating children about the environment and problems such as climate change.
  • SUNY Potsdam clubs decorated recycling bins around campus, to promote recycling.
  • A variety of informational tables are set up during this week that allow for education about different environmental issues.

How to get involved?

Want to help plan the next Earth Week? The Middle Ground in conjunction with the Student Government Association and the college help organize and plan the event. Come to the Middle Ground meetings to have input in what you want to see for the next Earth Week. To learn more about Middle Ground check out their webpage.

Earth Week