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Energy Reduction Competition

SUNY Potsdam's Energy Reduction Competition
March 20- April 7, 2017

Residence halls will compete with each other to reduce electricity use over a 3 week period to:

  • Conserve energy
  • Reduce costs
  • Raise awareness of sustainable behaviors that decrease resource consumption.

The residence hall winner earns bragging rights and other prizes!

​SUNY Potsdam has pledged to reduce our electricity consumption through Lucid's Campus Conservation National Energy Competition this semester!

The Physical Plant and Sustainability Office is partnering with Residence Life to engage students in a friendly competition to reduce electricity consumption in their residence hall from March 20th- April 7th. 

Link to Potsdam’s Energy Dashboard where real-time energy use and competition progress is displayed for each participating residence hall. Energy saving tips and general information on campus sustainability is also included to help support reduction efforts and inspire action!

Stay Tuned for information on Contest standings!

In its first 5 years, CCN participants saved over 6 million kWh, the equivalent to averting over 5 million lbs of CO2 emissions and saving over $500,000. 

CCN 2017 Overview:

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) is program for organizations to engage in friendly electricity reduction competitions. CCN aims to educate, motivate, and empower building occupants to conserve electricity at their organizations.

Program details

  • Participants run competitions in which their buildings compete to achieve the highest percent reduction in electricity compared to a baseline period.
  • Participants run competitions among their own buildings or against other Lucid customers.
  • All participants will use Storyboards, Lucid's new occupant engagement tool, to display and share the competition progress and other sustainability information.

The goals of Campus Conservation Nationals are to:

  • Engage, educate, motivate, and empower people to conserve resources in their buildings.
  • Foster a culture of conservation within communities, and propel organizations' sustainability initiatives.
  • measurable reductions in electricity and water use, preventing thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted.
  • Highlight the ability of behavior change tools such as competitions, commitments, and social norms, to conserve energy and water.

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) is the largest short-term electricity reduction competition in the world.