Minor in Biomedical Anthropology

Contact Person:
Alan L. Hersker, Chair
129B MacVicar, (315) 267-2720, herskeal@potsdam.edu

The Department of Anthropology requires that students earn a minimum grade of 2.0/S* in all courses counted toward to the minor. No more than two courses may count toward both the Biomedical Anthropology minor and the Anthropology or Archaeology major.

Biomedical anthropology incorporates theory and practice from all areas of anthropology, particularly biological and cultural approaches to health and disease. This minor offers students – both anthropology majors and non-majors – the opportunity to gain experience in the field by studying the cross-cultural and evolutionary aspects of health and disease, healing systems, human variation, growth and development.  Students interested in other areas may arrange an independent research project.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses

ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology (4 credits)
ANTH 201 Human Origins (4 credits)
ANTH 345  Medical Anthropology  



At least two courses must be taken in Anthropology, at least two courses must be upper division, at least one course must be taken outside of Anthropology. Additional courses may be used with approval from the Department Chair.

ANTH 150 Human Sexuality
ANTH 155 World Hunger
ANTH 184 Primates
ANTH 321 Cross-Cultural Aspects of Women’s Health

ANTH 322 Cross-Cultural Aspects of Mental Health
ANTH 346 Human Sexuality 2  
ANTH 347 Humans, Disease and Death
ANTH 355 World Food  
ANTH 380 Human Osteology  
ANTH 383 Genes and People
ANTH 402  Forensic Anthropology  
ANTH 403 Advanced Biological Anthropology Research  
ANTH 411  Anthropology of AIDS  
BIOL 105 Introduction to Human Genetics  
BIOL 107 Human Biology  
BIOL 210 Human Anatomy & Physiology  
SOCI 460
Population Studies
HLTH 333 Human Nutrition  
HLTH 385
Epidemiology and Biostatistics