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Career Opportunities

Resources for Job Hunting:

Many of the Web sites listed below also have advice for job seekers.

  • Idealist is a website that lists non-for-profit jobs. It is a project of the non-profit organization Action Without Borders.
  • Hiring Squad is the Washington Post's Web site that gives both advice on getting a job (check out the tools and games), and lists jobs, concentrating on the DC metro area. This include federal and not-for-profits in the area.
  • New York Times Job Market concentrates on jobs in the New York City metro area.
  • USA jobs is the gateway for federal employment.
  • In Canada, two majors sources of jobs listings are at and the Ottawa Citizen's (this site also has extensive job search advice). Most positions in federal and local government in Canada require both citizenship and residence in the local area; if you meet these requirements, jobs are listed at the Public Service Commission of Canada.


Undergraduates at SUNY Potsdam are encouraged to obtain extra experience in their chosen field by doing off-campus internships. Contact the Experiential Education Office at (315) 267-2803 or visit their website to learn more. Examples of previous internships in which Anthropology & Archeology students have participated include:

  • Cultural Resources at Fort Drum, Fort Drum, NY
  • Dekalb Historical Society Dekalb, Junction, NY
  • Fort Drum Army Base, Fort Drum, NY
  • Hogansburg Methodist Church ,Hogansburg, NY
  • Jefferson County Historical Society, Watertown, NY
  • Little River Community School, Canton, NY
  • Ring House, Rockville, MD
  • St. Lawrence County Environmental Management, Canton, NY
  • SUNY Potsdam Department of Anthropology, Potsdam, NY
  • SUNY Potsdam AIDS education program, Potsdam, NY
  • Traditional Arts in Upstate New York, Canton, NY
  • Department of Social Services, Canton, NY

Opportunities in the Field/Careers in Anthropology

Service and Experience Opportunities