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Student Art Association

student art association 2008

President: Julian Vadas
Vice President: Peter Catalfamo
Treasurer: Jessica Hamilton
Secretary: Emily Glass
Public Relations: Nicholas Thomas

Meeting time and place: Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm in 202 Brainerd Classroom

What the club is and does:

The Student Art Association is an association of Art majors, minors and those interested in Art. The SAA's aim is to do Art, see Art, talk Art, be informed about Art and promote Art. The highlight of their plans are trips to galleries, student initiated Art Shows, informing our fellow Art people of Art Activity in the community and beyond, watching Art films, and getting involved in the inter-workings of our Art Departments' politics and opportunities. If you are interested in the Student Art Association, please contact the President: Julian Vadas at, or come join the meetings.