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B.A. in Art History

Contact Person:
Caroline Downing, Chair
219 Brainerd, (315) 267-2251/2252,

32-34 credit hours required.

The purpose of the major program is to provide students with a fundamental experience in the most important art historical periods and achievements in art. This experience provides sufficient breadth to ensure a reasonable knowledge of the most significant art and monuments, artists and styles, as well as a basic understanding of the varying historical contexts within which these achievements have taken place. To ensure adequate diversity and scope, a balance of courses in all areas is required.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Prerequisite Courses (Credits 6)
ARTH 101 Survey of Art: Ancient to Renaissance
ARTH 102 Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern

One Studio Art course from the following: (Credits 4)
ARTS 110 Foundations of Drawing I (4 credits)
ARTS 120 Color and Design (4 credits)

Required Courses (Credits 18)
Group A: Ancient (6 credits) two of the following:
ARTH 310 Greek Art and Architecture
ARTH 311 Roman Art and Architecture
ARTH 381 Classical Mythology in Art
ARTH 385 Art and Archaeology of the Classical World
ARTH 451 Ancient Painting

Group B: Medieval through Renaissance (6 credits) two of the following:
ARTH 352 Medieval Art and Architecture
ARTH 356 History of World Architecture
ARTH 454 Early Italian Renaissance
ARTH 455 Northern Renaissance Art
ARTH 457 Baroque Art
ARTH 463 Italian High Renaissance

Group C: Baroque through Contemporary (6 credits) two of the following:
ARTH 355 Art in America
ARTH 458 Nineteenth Century Painting
ARTH 462 Impressionism
ARTH 464 Foundations of Modern Art
ARTH 465 Issues in Contemporary Art

The following courses, offered from time to time, may be used to replace courses from Groups A, B, and C, by advisement only:
ARTH 495 Special Topics in Art History
ARTH 498 Tutorial Study

Art History Elective (Credits 3)
One course in non-western Art History

Required in Senior year (Credits 1-3)
ARTH 492 Senior Seminar (1-3 credits)

Recommended Coursework Outside the Major
ARTM 270 Museum Studies
ARTM 420 Gallery Practices
PHIL 320 Aesthetics

Special Notes

  1. Art History majors have the option of completing 50 credit hours in the Art Department toward the 120 credit hours necessary for the B.A. degree. Students are required to complete 70 credit hours outside the Art Department. Students may elect to take supplemental art courses beyond the 50-semester hour maximum. These will be included on the transcript, but will not be counted toward the completion of the degree.
  2. Art History majors must earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in all courses counted toward the major.
  3. Students should be aware that most graduate programs in art history require a reading knowledge of French and German in order for a student to be admitted. Students wishing to pursue graduate school in art history should acquire a reading knowledge of French or German. Those wishing to apply directly to Ph.D. programs need to acquire a reading knowledge of both French and German.
  4. Studying art works and architecture in person is crucial to understanding art history; students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of faculty-led Art Travel Seminars and field trips to Canada, the U.S., and abroad. ARTH 390 Art Travel Seminar is recommended.