B.A. in Art Studio

Contact Person:
Caroline Downing, Chair
219 Brainerd, (315) 267-2251/2252, downincj@potsdam.edu

45 credit hours required.

The Art Studio major is designed to provide students with a broad-based education in the traditional fine art studio areas as well as to introduce relevant historical, theoretical and critical issues. Studio Concentrations are available in ceramics, digital design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. These require four upper-division courses in the studio area of choice. A Studio Concentration is suggested for those students wishing to enter graduate programs or seeking a career as a professional artist.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses

ARTH 101 Survey of Art: Ancient to Renaissance
ARTH 102 Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern  
ARTS 110 Foundations of Drawing I (4 credits)  
ARTS 120 Color and Design (4 credits)  
ARTS 130
Three-Dimensional Design (4 credits)
ARTS 211
Foundations of Drawing 2 (4 credits)
ARTH xxx Upper level art history elective  
Studio Foundation
Four courses with at least one three-dimensional course
ARTS 312
Drawing and Mixed Media (4 credits)
ARTS 319 Digital Design I (4 credits)  
ARTS 329 Painting I (4 credits)  
ARTS 339 Printmaking I (4 credits)  
ARTS 349 Sculpture I (4 credits)  
ARTS 359 Ceramics I (4 credits)  
ARTS 369 Video I (4 credits)  
ARTS 379 Photography I (4 credits)  

Studio Elective
Two studio electives with at least one level 2.  

Special Notes
  1. Art Studio majors have the option of completing 50 credit hours in the Art Department toward the 120 credit hours necessary for the B.A. degree. Students are required to complete 70 credit hours outside the Art Department. Students may elect to take supplemental art courses beyond the 50-semester-hour maximum. These will be included on the transcript, but will not be counted toward the completion of the degree.
  2. All courses counted toward the major must be completed with a grade of 2.0 or above.