B.F.A. in Visual Arts

Contact Person:
Caroline Downing, Chair
219 Brainerd, (315) 267-2251/2252, downincj@potsdam.edu

64-67 credit hours required.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is the professional undergraduate degree in the Visual Arts. The BFA adheres to the College’s strong general education in the liberal arts while offering increased breadth and depth in the studio arts. The primary goal of the program is to foster students’ mastery of visual arts by giving them further experience in the studio and advanced work in art history and arts theory.

Admission is by portfolio review; reviews are conducted at the end of the spring semester each year. Students must have a grade point average of 3.0 to be admitted and to remain in the program.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Fine Arts Core

ARTH 101 Survey of Art: Ancient to Renaissance
ARTH 102 Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern  
ARTH 464 Foundations of Modern Art  
ARTH 300 or 400 level
Art History Elective  
ARTS 110 Foundations of Drawing I (4 credits)  
ARTS 120 Color and Design (4 credits)  
ARTS 130
Three-Dimensional Design (4 credits)
ARTS 211
Foundations of Drawing II (4 credits)

Four Studio Requirements

Including at least one three-dimensional course
ARTS 312 Drawing and Mixed Media I (4 credits)  
ARTS 319 Digital Design I (4 credits)  
ARTS 329 Painting I (4 credits)  
ARTS 339 Printmaking I (4 credits)  
ARTS 349 Sculpture I (4 credits)  
ARTS 359 Ceramics I (4 credits)  
ARTS 369 Video I (4 credits)  
ARTS 379 Photography I (4 credits)  

4 studio electives; at least one level 4 studio and one level 2 from another studio area.  All studio courses are 4 credits.

Senior Experience
One additional Studio Elective (4 credits) or
ARTS 490 Senior Art Internship (6 credits) or
ARTS 491 & 492 Senior Art Thesis I & II (6 credits) and
ARTM 493 Senior Exhibition Seminar (1 credit)
Note: Students are required to take 60 credit hours outside of the Art Department.