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Minor in Art History

Contact Person:
Caroline Downing, Chair
219 Brainerd, (315) 267-2251/2252,

18 credit hours required.
The art history minor is a sequence of art history courses designed to provide liberal arts students with core experiences in the history of art.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 6)
ARTH 101 Survey of Art: Ancient to Renaissance
ARTH 102 Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern

Elective Courses (Credits 12)
Four elective upper-division Art History courses from the following:
ARTH 310 Greek Art and Architecture
ARTH 311 Roman Art and Architecture
ARTH 352 Medieval Art and Architecture
ARTH 355 Art in America
ARTH 356 History of World Architecture
ARTH 358 Cross-Cultural Approaches to Art
ARTH 365 Art and Culture of China
ARTH 381 Classical Mythology in Art
ARTH 385 Art and Archaeology of the Classical World
ARTH 451 Ancient Painting
ARTH 454 Early Italian Renaissance Art
ARTH 455 Northern Renaissance Art
ARTH 457 Baroque Art
ARTH 458 Nineteenth Century Painting
ARTH 463 Italian High Renaissance
ARTH 464 Foundations of Modern Art
ARTH 465 Issues in Contemporary Art