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Minor in Computer Science

Contact Person:
Chris Lanz, Chair
305 Dunn, (315) 267- 2407,

18 credits required. Plus 4 credits of cognates.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 18)
CIS 201 Computer Science I (4 credits)
CIS 203 Computer Science II (4 credits)
CIS 300 Foundations of Computer Science** (4 credits)
CIS xxx CIS Elective (3xx or 4xx)
CIS xxx CIS Elective (3xx or 4xx)

Cognate Requirements in Mathematics (Credits 4)
MATH 151 Calculus I (4 credits)

Notes for Computer Science Majors and Minors
*MATH 340 may be used to fulfill the CIS 300 requirement for double majors in Mathematics and Computer Science only.

**MATH 461 may be used to meet the MATH 125 requirement.

No courses other than CIS 201, CIS 480, or CIS 490 can be taken for S/U credit and applied toward the requirements for the major in Computer Science.

A student must have a GPA of at least 2.0 in the Computer Science major requirements to register for CIS 480 (Senior Project) or 490 (CS Internship).