Grants & External Funding

  • SUNY/RF Research Collaboration Grant
    Professor Maria Hepel of SUNY Potsdam & Professor C.J. Zhong of SUNY Binghamton have been awarded $150,000.00 to study "Functional SERS Nanoparticles for DNA Detection & Imaging".Project duration 2014-2015
  • Title III Grant for FTIR (PDF)
    Several undergraduate research projects are carried out in Chemistry Department under the Title III grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education in the program “Increasing Undergraduate Research in Chemistry Curriculum” by Professors: Maria Hepel, Antony Molinero, Clifford Rossiter, and Martin Walker.
  • NSF CCLI Grant
    Professor Maria Hepel of the Chemistry Department and Professor Daniel Aruscavage of the Biology Department have been awarded an NSF grant, Award CCLI, in the amount of $200,000, for two years 2010-2012. The grant is entitled “Raman Spectroscopy Implemented into Undergraduate Science Education”.  For more information, see NSF CCLI Grant (PDF).
  • DoD Program Idea Grant
    Professor Maria Hepel, Department of Chemistry at SUNY Potsdam, has been awarded $ 549,713 from the U.S. Department of Defense for a project entitled "Redox Abnormalities as a Vulnerability Phenotype for Autism and Related Alterations in CNS Development", project duration: 2008-2011.
  • NSF-MRI Grant (PDF)
    Professor Fadi Bou-Abdallah (PI) of the Chemistry Department at SUNY Potsdam has been awarded $126,525 from the National Science Foundation for a project entitled “MRI: Acquisition of an Isothermal Titration Calorimeter”.
  • Cottrell College Science Award - Research Corporation (PDF)
    Earlier this year, Professor Fadi Bou-Abdallah (PI) received a grant from Research Corporation (Cottrell College Science Award) totaling $36,925.