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Department of Economics

Many of the world's most pressing problems, unemployment, poverty, inequality, underdevelopment and environmental destruction are economic in nature.

The Department of Economics at SUNY Potsdam offers majors in economics and business economics and a minor in economics. The department also participates in other University programs such as business administration, environmental studies and international relations.

We expose a diverse student body to diverse points of view about economics and the economy. Students grow and mature through interaction with their instructors and classmates, and through an examination of the liberal arts. We seek:

  • To prepare students for their futures in their desired careers, in their graduate studies, and as citizens.
  • To provide an environment for all students that will be supportive while they are here and that will provide tools appropriate to their lives when they return home.
  • To encourage participation by faculty and students in activities that are of service to their local communities and to the larger professional community of which we are a part.


Economics Student Photo

“The Department of Economics at SUNY Potsdam exemplifies the best of the best. Each instructor infuses current knowledge and trends to facilitate a fun and easy-to-learn-in environment.”

- Samantha Small, Business Economics Major