B.A. in Communication (Speech)

Contact Person:
Donald McNutt, Department Chair
Office & Phone number TBA

37-40 credits required.
The Communication Major provides a liberal arts orientation to the study of human communication. Graduates of the communication program often pursue careers in education, management, public relations, business, or government, or continue on for graduate study in communication or law.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Department Core

COMM 105
Survey of Human Communication (3-4 credits)
1 credit recitation optional

COMP 201 Writing Arguments (4 credits)
LITR 100 Introduction to Literature

Communication Core

COMM 106 Basic Principles of Speech
COMM 465 Communication Theory

Distribution Requirements

Five courses chosen from the following areas:

Note: One Distribution or Elective course must come from the Diverse Voices (dv) category.

dv Each of these fulfills the Diverse Voices requirement.

Rhetoric and Public Address:
select two

COMM 324 Persuasive Speaking
COMM 370 Contemporary Political Communication
COMM 372
Rhetoric of the Black Church
COMM 415 Rhetoric of Social Movements dv
COMM 416 Voices of American Women dv
COMM 417 Women/Men and Elections dv
COMM 470 African American Rhetoric dv

Business and Professional Communication
: select one

COMM 311 Small Group Communication

COMM 325
Professional Speaking  
COMM 340 Public Relations
COMM 430 Employment Seeking and Communication
COMM 455 Organizational Communication

COMM 475 Research Methods in Communication

Mass Communication
: select one

COMM 108 Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 201 Mass Media and Society dv
COMM 212 Principles of Journalism
COMM 301
Media Law and Media Ethics
COMM 308 Writing for Mass Communication
COMM 320 Film Studies: Form and Culture
COMM 321 Form and Expressive Techniques In Film
COMM 322
Studies in Documentary Film
COMM 408 Visual Communication

: select one

COMM 245 Interpersonal Communication dv

COMM 333
Interracial Communication dv
COMM 350 Family Communication
COMM 390 Topics in Communication: Gay and Lesbian Issues dv
COMM 445 Intercultural Communication dv
COMM 460 Language and Social Interaction

Communication Electives: select two


  1. Internships do not fulfill the distribution requirements but are highly recommended electives and will count for the communication electives requirement.
  2. New courses and special topics courses will be categorized when introduced.