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B.A. in English: Literature

Contact Person:

Donald McNutt, Department Chair

Office & Phone number TBA

30 credit hours.

The Literature Major provides students with a liberal arts background through coursework emphasizing literature, literary analysis, and critical writing. Some graduates have continued on with careers in publishing, business, or government. Others continue with graduate or professional school in Education, Law, Library and Information Science, and Literature.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Literature Core

LITR 200
Literary Traditions

LITR 201
Patterns of Literature

LITR 300
Literary Analysis & Research

Geographic Distribution:* select two

LITR 301
American Writers*

LITR 302
British Writers*

LITR 303
World Wrters*

*May substitute other 300-level Literature courses from appropriate geographic distribution as designated by department.

Upper-division LITR courses:
select five

At least three of these must be at the 400- or 500- level.
At least two of these must have a primary focus on works published before 1900.