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B.A. in English: Literature/Writing Major

Contact Person:
Donald McNutt, Department Chair
118 Morey, (315) 267-2043

41-42 credit hours.

The Literature/Writing Major is required of all students seeking secondary education certification (in conjunction with a teacher certification program in the School of Education and Professional Studies). Courses focus on literature, rhetoric, creativity, and professional practice while introducing students to common forms in a variety of contexts.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Department Core (Credits 10-11)
LITR 100 Introduction to Literature
COMP 201 Writing Arguments (4 credits)
COMM 105 Survey of Human Communication (3-4 credits)
                    1 credit recitation optional

Literature Core (Credits 9)
LITR 200 Literary Traditions
LITR 201 Patterns of Literature
LITR 300 Literary Analysis & Research

Advanced Courses (Credits 22)
Literature Perspective:
American literature: one upper division course*
British literature: one upper division course*
World literature: one upper division course*

*Note: At least two of these three courses must be at the 400-500 level. Students may select from a limited number of courses designated by the literature faculty.
*Note: One must cover literature before 1900 and one after.

Linguistics Perspective
LNGS 301 Language and Structure

Composition Perspective
COMP 202 Introduction to Creative Writing (4 credits)
COMP 402 Theory of Composition

Communication Perspective
COMM 201 Mass Media and Society or
     [both COMM 201 and 408 will satisfy]
COMM 408 Visual Communication