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B.A. in English: Writing Major

Contact Person:

Donald McNutt, Department Chair

Office & Phone number TBA

30-32 credit hours.

The Writing Major deepens capacity for thought and prepares students to reach audiences through artful and purposeful use of the written word. Courses focus on rhetoric, creativity, and professional practice while introducing students to common forms in a variety of contexts. This liberal arts program encourages students to read widely, to complete internships, and to consider a double major/minor. All graduating seniors submit a portfolio of polished pieces.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Gateway Courses

COMP 201
Writing Arguments (4 credits)
COMP 301
Advanced Research Writing (4 credits)

Applied Writing: select three

COMP 304
Technical Writing (4 credits)

COMP 305
Editing and Revising (4 credits)

COMP 307
Creative Nonfiction Workshop (4 credits)
COMP 311
Writing in a Digital Age (4 credits)
COMP 312
Writing in New Media
COMP 316
Magazine Article Writing (4 credits)
COMP 318
Writing for the Arts (4 credits)
COMP 321
Writing About the Environment
COMP 322
Grant Writing
COMP 395, 495
Special Topics (Applied Writing) (4 credits)
COMM 308
Writing for Mass Communication
COMM 321

Form & Expressive Technique in Film

(with documentary film focus)

COMP 412 or

INTD 491
Internship * (Applied Writing) (3+ credits)

*Note: Only one internship can count towards Applied Writing credit.

May substitute an upper-division creative writing course or a second theory elective with adviser permission for one applied writing course.

Language Course: select one
LNGS 301 Language and Structure
LNGS 302
Language and Meaning
LNGS 309
History of English Language
LNGS 310
American English Grammar
LNGS 320
Theories of Language
Elective: select one
Literature course at the 300- or 400- level
Communication course at the 200-, 300- or 400- level
Theory Course: select one
COMP 402
Theory of Composition
COMP 405
Writing Center Theory
COMP 430
Theory of Rhetoric
COMP 505
Rhetorical Criticism
COMP 507
Theory of Composition
COMP 530
Theory of Rhetoric
Senior Writing Course (Required):
COMP 401
Directed Professional Writing

In addition to formal instruction, each student in the Writing Major will be expected to present a portfolio of representative course papers prior to graduation, assist with professional/academic publications, read extensively in literature and in a variety of discourse communities.