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B.F.A. in Creative Writing

Contact Person:
Dr. Richard Henry, Director B.F.A. in Creative Writing
Morey Hall 122
(315) 267-2010

59-60 credit hours.

The B.F.A. in Creative Writing is a pre-professional degree that offers students intensive training in the writing of fiction, poetry, drama, creative nonfiction, and screenplays. In addition to courses in creative writing, students are required to write a senior thesis, to take courses in literature, to complete a writing-related internship, and to present their work in a solo reading during their final year.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 17)
COMP 201 Writing Arguments (4 credits)
COMP 202 Introduction to Creative Writing (4 credits)
LITR 200 Literary Traditions OR
     LITR 201 Patterns of Literature
LITR 300 Literary Analysis and Research
INTD 491 Internship (Writing)

Intermediate Courses: select four (Credits 16)
COMP 302 Fiction Workshop I (4 credits)
COMP 303 Poetry Workshop I (4 credits)
COMP 306 Playwriting: Short Plays (4 credits)
COMP 307 Creative Nonfiction Workshop I (4 credits)
COMP 308 Writing Fiction for Children (4 credits)
COMP 309 Screenwriting Workshop I (4 credits)
COMP 310 Playwriting: Full-length Plays (4 credits)
COMP 395 Special Topics (Creative Writing) (4 credits)

Advanced Courses: select two (Credits 8)
COMP 412 Fiction Workshop II (4 credits)
COMP 413 Poetry Workshop II (4 credits)
COMP 416 Playwriting Workshop II (4 credits)
COMP 417 Creative Nonfiction Workshop II (4 credits)
COMP 419 Screenwriting Workshop II (4 credits)

Capstone Project (Credits 3)
COMP 490 Writing Supervision

Applied Writing Course: select one (Credits 3-4)
COMP 301 Advanced Research Writing (4 credits)
COMP 304 Technical Writing (4 credits)
COMP 305 Editing and Revising (4 credits)
COMP 311 Writing in a Digital Age (4 credits)
COMP 312 Writing in New Media (4 credits)
COMP 316 Magazine Article Writing (4 credits)
COMP 318 Writing for the Arts (4 credits)
COMP 321 Writing about the Environment (4 credits)
COMP 322 Grant Writing (4 credits)
COMP 395 Special Topics (Applied Writing) (4 credits)
COMP 401 Directed Professional Writing
COMM 308 Writing for Mass Communication

Literature Electives (Credits 12)
Four LITR courses at the 300/400/500-level*
*May substitute one 300/400/500-level LNGS course for one literature course

Note: Students are required to give a solo reading during their final year. In addition to formal instruction, all students are expected to attend public readings of creative works, assist with literary publications, and read extensively in her/his chosen genres.