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Our Alumni

What our Alumni say about the program

  • "The program helped me grow as a writer, critical reader/thinker, and oral presenter. It prepared me to work as a professional and taught me a lot about how to interact with students and provide meaningful feedback." - Becca Jewell
  • "Friendly and knowledgeable professors, small classes, interesting topics, freedom of study. I was thankful for the openness of my professors to my choice of thesis topic. " - Brenna Link-Barkley
  • "The program nurtures a longer-term project focus as compared to semester-based projects. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to design my own projects and the unpredictable yet focused discussions during class." - Josh Clark
  • "The program was flexible enough to complete while teaching [secondary ELA], but it challenged me to become a better writer, thinker, and teacher. To gain my professional teaching certificate, I decided to go with the MA in English because I thought it would be a bit more intellectually engaging and prepare me to teach college English courses." - Meredith Hurley Burt
  • "The program was fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a career in which they might apply writing and communication skills. It's not enough to good at one thing anymore: students need to understand the intersections of disciplines. Since the lines in business communications are blurred, we all need to understand a wide range of skills. I think that a multidisciplinary program like Potsdam's wins hands-down every day because it teaches us to think analytically about different but related coursework. This program encourages individuality and self-tailoring within a broader, multidisciplinary master's degree." - Sarah Cook-Raymond
  • "I gained a better understanding of the world and an enhanced ability to analyze, synthesize, and critically think. In my view, studies like these prepare us to understand, analyze, dissect, and influence the academic and non-academic conversations that define our politics, work environments, and society at large." - Adam Bulizak

Where are they now

Some alumni of the Master's in English and Communication are in these positions:

  • Director of Student and Family Transitions, SUNY Potsdam.
  • Director of Academic Operations, Hondros College (Columbus, OH).
  • Director of Publications Writer and editor for university alumni magazine, admissions materials, philanthropy across multiple platforms - web, print and some social media at Clarkson University.
  • Faculty, SUNY Canton, SUNY Potsdam, St. Lawrence University.
  • Faculty/Writing Center Director, Jefferson Community College, St. Lawrence University, and SUNY Potsdam.
  • Writing Specialist for majors in the SUNY Potsdam School of Education and Professional Studies.
  • English Language Arts teacher at Indian River High School (Philadelphia, NY). Completed M.A. degree to fulfill requirements for professional certification.
  • Project Counselor, SUNY Potsdam's CSTEP (Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program).
  • Program Coordinator for the CSTEP and McNair Scholars Program at St. Lawrence University.
  • Managing Director of a marketing and communications consultancy based in downtown Washington, DC.
  • Detective at UVM Police and on assignment with the county's Special Victim Unit.
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor for St. Lawrence County Chemical Dependency and DSS.
  • Pursuing a PhD in Literature.
  • Pursuing a PhD in Communication.

Contact Information:

James J. Donahue, Graduate Studies Director
Morey 130, (315) 267-2833