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Samples of Graduate Theses

Completed Theses

(with links to full text where available)


  • Darby, Dawn
    "Virginia Woolf and Being Unfit for Society"
  • Fobare, Bethany
    "A 'Return on Perception': William H. H. Murray and the Values of the Adirondack Aesthetic"
  • LaVoie, Erin
    "I'm Not Helpless, I'm Just Drawn That Way: How the Princesses of Disney and Once Upon a Time are Transforming the Archetype"
  • Murphy, Kristen
    "Stand Up Comedy, Framing, and Moral Boundaries: How Do Controversial Comedians Maintain Large Followings?"
  • Zaidi, Ali
    "The Futuristic Arc of Early American Literature"


  • Manchester, Melissa
    "Dialogic Landscapes: Critical Regionalism in Richard Russo's Empire Falls and Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer"


  • Bates, Carrie
    "The Virtue of Justice in the First Century CE: Jews, Greeks, Romans, and the Apostle Paul"
  • Crump-Hampton, Kismet
    "Sister Souljah and Bell Hooks: On Black Nationalism, Anglo-American Feminism, and the African-American Woman"
  • Link-Barkley, Brenna
    "The Canon Sue: Understanding the Mary Sue Archetype in Published Fiction"
  • Murray, Chelsie
    "The Reception and Gendering of Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess and The Secret Garden"
  • Smith, Suzanne
    "Spectral Band: Representations of Motherhood in Turn-of-the-Century Ghost Stories"
  • Weber, Jamie
    "The Persistent Morphing of the West: How the perpetuation of the Frontier and the Rugged Individual Archetypes Helps us Define Society, Heroes, and Ourselves"
  • Yang, Eun Joo (Sandra)
    "Myths of Multilingualism in Multicultural Singapore"


  • Hurley, Meredith
    "Using Informal Social Networking Language to Help Develop Academic Writing in Adolescents"
  • Snyder, Breanne
    "Gay Pride and Shame in Little Ashes"


  • Bruce, Melissa
    "'No chick flick moments': Gender portrayals in Eric Kripke's Supernatural"
  • Clark, Josh
    "Theorizing an Interface Design: Malleability and Visual Thinking in the Service of Complex Composing Projects"
  • Glynn, Xi'an
    "Higher Education and Discourse in the Shinnecock Community: A Qualitative Study"
  • Ferguson, Jessica
    "Finding the Muse in an Age of Distraction: Screen Technology--The Clock We Run By"


  • Jewell, Rebecca
    "Pen and Persona: Construction of Authorship in the Writings of Marietta Holley"







  • Tisdale, Elizabeth
    "Martha Reben: Adirondack Writer"
  • Von Hoffman, Amanda
    "Margaret Atwood's Exploration of Formal Cues that Dictate the Readers' Expectations in The Blind Assassin"


  • Flanders-Gunderson, Aimi
    ""Anything but a Woman': Willa Cather's Rejection of Labels and Search for Power"
  • Tyo, Louise
    "Unleashing the Power -- Moving from Oppressed Silence to Empowered Voice: A Rhetorical Analysis of Kate Clinton's Stand-up Comedy Routine"


  • Kang, Moon Seok
    "On Peter Shaffer's The Royal Hunt of the Sun"
  • Wilson, Karen
    "Rape in Rural America: A Pentadic Analysis of the Casablanca Rape Case"


  • Ross, Cindy
    "The Rhetoric and Politics of Profiles in American Literature: Anna Julia Cooper and A Voice From the South"