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Treeline - Richard Loveland

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Richard has recently published his first novella, a fantasy with poetic, mathematical and puzzle elements, entitled "Jelec, the White Bear, or, Beware an Encounter with a Raven and his Friends", now available at

He credits his professors in the Dept. of English and Communication (especially Maurice Kenny and Richard Henry) with teaching him to write well, and more importantly to be a critical editor of his own work. Whatever errors he's made as a writer since leaving their skilled supervision are his own.


The old man is downstairs again;
I curl inside the morning bed,
a chrysalis.

Deep in the mouth of March,
when the moist dog of the sky comes down,
I inspect the uneven streets
from my bed.

In the gray minute just before dawn,
I synchronize my breathing
with the earth's.

Cold River

As I walk down the street,
surrounded by a tangle of electrical frequencies,
I am forced to make my way with a machete
of stillness.

It is early Spring,
and while the cold river may glitter in the sun,
the steel towers stretch up into their own
treeless distance.

That is why the dark jewel at the crown of my skull
must be held high upon my neck --
it is a beacon that knows the language of birds.

In the nest of all this humming metal,
it is a green sword singing to the sky.

I Just Want To Be Free

One morning, the hermit leaves his
children sleeping.

He climbs beneath the wooden bridge
where the frogs lie in mud
and begins counting round pebbles.

A shaft of light passes through
the leaves of seven trees and
turns his beard to gold.