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Stories from the Field

Natural Resource Conservation

NYS Research Foundation, Purple Loosestrife Data Collection, Matthew King

"I could not have forseen the professional impact this project would have on my development as a student, and as a community member." View Full Story


Parks and Recreation

NYS Office of Parks, Boat Steward, Jessica Jonasse

"During this field experience I was trained on how to inspect boats for invasive species found in the Great Lakes." View Full Story


Environmental Policy and Planning

WE Act for Environmental Justice, Organizer and Event Planner, Patricia Perez

"As an organizer/event planner I was expected to send invitations, call members, and participate in the event with the same knowledge and background information as a staff member. We would have to read all pamphlets and reports related to the event to have more communication skills and perceiving the knowledge rapidly to educate the communities." View Full Story

Education and Communication

Hadley Mountain Fire Tower Committee, Fire Tower Steward, Andre Bruno Turcotte

"In my time as a steward I helped to educate the public about Leave-No-Trace principles by establishing a rapport with the hikers and answering any of their questions about the region to the best of my ability." View Full Story


Sprout Creek Farm, Summer Education Intern, Christina Cranwell

"I learned a lot from my experience at Sprout Creek Farm and I'm proud of what I accomplished over the duration of my internship." View Full Story


Environmental Science

Terracon Engineering, Technician in Training, Trevor Dennis

"My experience was great and I learned a great deal of how our society creates and regenerates structures and all the effort it takes to erect them" View Full Story


Environmental Studies students have completed field experiences and internships from the North Country to Alaska, with public agencies in the Adirondacks and non-profit organizations in Washington DC.