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Stories from the Field

Natural Resource Conservation

Allycia Leach Thumbnail

Soil and Water Conservation District, Conservation Intern, Allycia Leach

"I learned many different skills - from learning to communicate with people from all back grounds to how to use ArcGIS to teaching local farmers about becoming more sustainable with their operations. I learned more about myself through this job than I could have ever imagined." View Full Story

Parks and Recreation

Loius Dilorenzo Thumbnail

Department of Environmental Conservation, Backcountry Steward, Louis DiLorenzo

"I mostly did trail maintenance during the week and on the weekends I would educate people on the rules and regulations of the Catskill Forest Preserve. I worked closely with the Forest Rangers, reporting any illegal activity I encountered. Upon completing this internship I decided to pursue a career as a NYS Forest Ranger to help conserve what I am passionate about."

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Environmental Policy and Planning

Devon Dunbar Thumbnail

Alaska Center for the Environment, Conservation Canvasser, Devon Dunbar

"Canvassing for the Salmon Beyond Borders campaign was something that put me out of my comfort zone. The community in Juneau seemed so thankful to my team for spreading the important issue that we did. I definitely gained stronger leadership skills from this experience, and realize that I want to be more involved in environmental policy - it is what I have decided to study at graduate school in the future." View Full Story

Education and Communication

Elizabeth Radman Thumbnail

Friends of Blue Mountain, Fire Tower Steward, Elizabeth Radman

"My summer up on Blue Mountain was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. I was privy to some of the most spectacular sunsets, and sunrises I have ever seen, and every day I learned something new about the environment and myself. This job was a wonderful way to infuse my personal passion of photography and art with my Communication and Environmental degrees. I came back from my summer on the mountain with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the preservation of our wilderness areas." View Full Story


Emma Dadzrawa Thumbnail

SmartPower, Social Media Assistant, Emma Dadzrawa

"I was offered an opportunity to intern for SmartPower a non-profit marketing firm based in Washington D.C. I worked alongside professionals and learned a lot about the renewable energy world. I've always wanted a career path that was aimed towards renewable energy or sustainability and I got a chance to briefly experience that and learn from it. If you are passionate about something, learn about it and go for it." View Full Story

Environmental Science

Todd Thomas Thumbnail

Keystone Consultants, Environmental Science Intern, Todd Thomas

"I was able to gain skills and truly learn about being an environmental science professional. In the field I was able to get a great deal of hands on experience whether it was running the GPS unit, identifying and plotting streams and wetlands, identifying various soil types, or in the office working on permitting. The supervisors were very helpful and patient throughout the entire experience." View Full Story

Environmental Studies students have completed field experiences and internships from the North Country to Alaska, with public agencies in the Adirondacks and non-profit organizations in Washington DC.