Minor in Environmental Studies

Contact Person:
Phillip Neisser, Environmental Studies
103 Dunn Hall, (315) 267-2230, neissept@potsdam.edu

20-24 semesters hours required.

Designed primarily for social sciences and humanities majors. Some of the following courses have cognate requirements, so the student
should check the individual course listing under its department for these prerequisites. A grade of 2.0 or better must be achieved in all courses.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Sciences 9-10
Three of the following, each from a different department:
BIOL 111 Adirondack Ecology  
BIOL 148
Biodiversity Conservation
BIOL 209
Winter Ecology
BIOL 300
Ecology (3-4)
BIOL 312
Insect Ecology (4)
BIOL 350
Biotic Communities of South Florida
CHEM 301 Fundamentals of Environmental Science  
CHEM 321
The Sustainable World
GEOL 101 Environmental Geology
GEOL 103 Physical Geology
GEOL 106 Geology of Our National Parks
GEOL 407
Environmental Geophysics
PHYS 325 Energy and the Environment
PHYS 330 Meteorology

And other courses to be listed.
Social Sciences and Humanities 9-10
ENVR 110
Introduction to Environmental Studies

Two of the following, each from a different department:
ECON 320 Economy and the Environment

ENVR 395
Globalization and the Environment
HLTH 300 Environmental Health
HIST 470
African Environmental History
HIST 453 Nature in American History
HIST 454
Energy in American History
LITR 351
Nature and Literature
PHIL 330
Environmental Ethics
POLS 324
Natural Resource Policy (4)

POLS 344 Global Climate Change (4)
POLS 355
Politics and the Environment (4)
POLS 348 Water Policy (4)
SOCI 340
Environment and Society
SOCI 341
Environmental Justice
And other courses to be listed.  


One from the following:  
COMP 304
Technical Writing, Prereq: COMP 201 (4)
GEOL 340
Geographic Information Systems (4)  
WILD 170
Rock Climbing (2)
WILD 175
Ice Climbing (2)
WILD 240 Backpacking (2)