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B.S. in Geology

Contact Person:
Michael Rygel, Associate Professor, Chair
216A Timerman
(315) 267-3401

38 credit hours required. Plus 12 credits of cognates.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is ideally suited for students who are pursuing a double major with another B.A. degree field. The core geology courses and electives are the same as for the B.S., but students do not have to take as many cognates (only one year of chemistry and completion of Calculus I) nor do they have to complete a capstone experience.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Core Required Courses (Credits 33)
GEOL 101, 103, or 125
GEOL 204 Historical Geology
GEOL 301 Sedimentary Geology (4 credits)
GEOL 302 Principles of Paleontology (4 credits)
GEOL 311 Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy (4 credits)
GEOL 321 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (4 credits)
GEOL 405 Structural Geology (4 credits)
GEOL 410 Hydrology and Hydrogeology (4 credits)
GEOL 420 Geochemistry

Electives: two or more of the following (Credits 5)
GEOL 300 Field Geology (2 credits)
GEOL 303 Geologic Maps and Cross Sections (2 credits)
GEOL 306 Geology of our National Parks
GEOL 340 Geographic Information Systems (4 credits)
GEOL 401 Paleoecology
GEOL 406 Geomorphology (4 credits)
GEOL 407 Geophysics
GEOL 440 Economic Geology (4 credits)
GEOL 450 Geology of the Great Basin
GEOL 452 Geology of Nova Scotia – Field Trip (2 credits)
GEOL 453 Geology of Nova Scotia - Research (2 credits)
PHYS 330 Meteorology
PHYS 335 Astronomy

Cognate Requirements (Credits 8)
CHEM 105 General Chemistry 1 (4 credits)
CHEM 106 General Chemistry 2 (4 credits)
MATH 151 Calculus I (4 credits)
*Math 125 or STAT 100 (both 3 credits) may be substituted for Calculus I for students who are pursuing a double major with another B.A. degree program.

Grade Requirements
Minimum grade of 2.0 is required for all courses in the major and for cognates. Students may not S/U geology courses.