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Minor in Environmental Technology

18 credit hours required.

The minor degree is in conjunction with SUNY Canton. It permits SUNY Potsdam Geology majors to earn an Environmental Technology minor degree by cross registering for courses at SUNY Canton. The Environmental Technology Minor would be granted at SUNY Potsdam (to SUNY Potsdam students) and would require coursework in the Geology Department at SUNY Potsdam and in the Canino School of Engineering at SUNY Canton. The minor is open to all SUNY Potsdam students and requires 18 credits in core courses plus 12 credits in prerequisite courses. Only six credits of overlap between the Environmental Technology minor and the Geology major are permitted (GEOL 103 and GEOL 340). Interested students should contact Dr. Michael Rygel,, (315) 267-3401. Courses that are to be taken at SUNY Canton are noted below.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Core Required Courses


GEOL 103 Physical Geology
Required Electives
CONS 101
Elementary Surveying (4 credits, SUNY Canton)
GEOL 340
Geographic Information Systems (4 credits) OR
CONS 350
Introduction to GIS (SUNY Canton)
CONS 314
Soil Mechanics (SUNY Canton)
CONS 385 Hydrology and Hydrogeology (4 credits, SUNY Canton)
CONS 386
Water Quality (4 credits, SUNY Canton)
CONS 388
Environmental Law (2 credits, SUNY Canton)
CONS 387
Water and Wastewater Treatment (SUNY Canton)
CONS 485
Solid Waste Management (SUNY Canton)
CONS 486

Soil and Groundwater Remediation (SUNY Canton)
CONS 487

Water Resources Management, Analysis and Design (SUNY Canton)
Prerequisite Courses
In addition to the courses listed above, Potsdam students must take the following prerequisites (which are already required as part of the Geology curriculum):
CHEM 105
General Chemistry 1 (4 credits)
CHEM 106
General Chemistry 2 (4 credits)
MATH 151
Calculus I ( 4 credits)