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B.A. in Spanish

Contact Person:

Oscar Sarmiento, Chair

228 Morey, (315) 267-2034,

30 credit hours required (36 credits recommended).

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses

SPAN 203 Oral and Written Spanish I
SPAN 204 Oral and Written Spanish II
SPAN 301 Current Idiomatic Spanish
SPAN 306 Readings in Hispanic Literature I
SPAN 308 Readings in Hispanic Literature II

Plus five courses to be taken from the list below

A student may take one 300-level course and four 400-level courses or two 300-level and three 400-level courses.
SPAN 303 Culture of Spain
SPAN 304 Culture of Latin America
SPAN 305 Culture of Hispanics in U.S.A.
SPAN 461 Literature Seminar I*
SPAN 462 Literature Seminar II*
*Note: Literature Seminar I and II may be repeated for credit.

Optional Courses: strongly recommended

SPAN 213 Intermediate Conversation
SPAN 315 Spanish Composition

Special Notes for Modern Language Majors and Minors

  1. There are clear advantages to preparation in more than one modern language for students, particularly those intending to seek teaching certification. Interested students are encouraged to consult with the Chair of the Modern Languages Department at an early state of their program to learn about possibilities for flexibility in earning graduation credits within one area of concentration.
  2. The Department of Modern Languages requires a minimum grade of 2.0 in all courses counted toward the major and the minor.
  3. The Department encourages language majors to seriously consider taking a term or year of study abroad. Immersion in another language and culture intensifies learning. Many such opportunities are available to non-majors and majors.