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B.A. in Spanish

Contact Person:
Oscar Sarmiento, Chair
228 Morey
(315) 267-2034

30 credit hours required (36 credits recommended).

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 15)
SPAN 203 Oral and Written Spanish I
SPAN 204 Oral and Written Spanish II
SPAN 301 Current Idiomatic Spanish
SPAN 306 Readings in Hispanic Literature I
SPAN 308 Readings in Hispanic Literature II

Plus five courses to be taken from the list below (Credits 15)
A student may take one 300-level course and four 400-level courses or two 300-level and three 400-level courses.
SPAN 303 Culture of Spain
SPAN 304 Cultures of Latin America
SPAN 305 Culture of Hispanics in U.S.A.
SPAN 461 Literature Seminar I*
SPAN 462 Literature Seminar II*
*Note: Literature Seminar I and II may be repeated for credit.

Optional Courses: strongly recommended (Credits 6)
SPAN 213 Intermediate Conversation
SPAN 315 Spanish Composition