Minor in French Studies

Contact Person:
Oscar Sarmiento, Chair
228 Morey, (315) 267-2034, sarmieod@potsdam.edu

18 credit hours required. Closed to French majors.

The French Studies minor is a general program open to all students with an elementary knowledge of French. This minor permits students to attest to their successful completion of a formal and coherent program of study in French letters and culture which stops short of the work required for a major in French yet indicates functional competency. The French Studies minor is intended to serve several purposes depending on the exact pattern of courses drawn up by each student and his or her adviser. Thus, the minor may provide grounding for further study in the discipline; it may fulfill graduate school requirements for study in other disciplines; it may recognize progress in the language made through study abroad; it may provide a practical tool for use in many work environments; or it may form one element of a broadly based liberal arts general education.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows: 

Required Courses

FREN 203 Oral and Written French I
Two of the following:
  FREN 202   French for Business
  FREN 213   Intermediate Conversation
  FREN 220   French Phonetics and Diction
  FREN 325   French Literature and Thought I

  FREN 326   French Literature and Thought II
Three of the following:
  FREN 301   Oral and Written French II

  FREN 303   Contemporary France
  FREN 304   Contemporary Quebec
  FREN 305   Authentic Voices and Images from West Africa
  FREN 315   French Composition
  FREN 325   French Literature and Thought I
  FREN 326   French Literature and Thought II
  FREN 350   North African Literatures and Cultures
  FREN 410   French Translation
  FREN 450   The Image of Women in Francophone Cinema
  FREN 461   French Literature I: Origins-1700
  FREN 462   French Literature II: 1700-present
  FREN 483   Structure of the French Language
  FREN 495   Special Topics