Minor in Spanish Studies

Contact Person:
Oscar Sarmiento, Chair
228 Morey, (315) 267-2034, sarmieod@potsdam.edu

18 credit hours required. Closed to Spanish majors.

The Spanish minor provides students with Spanish language courses in conversation, grammar review and culture. It provides a career-oriented approach to language learning that complements majors in other disciplines. It also provides students with enough language background so that they will be able to comprehend and speak the language using correct pronunciation and grammar, and have an understanding of Hispanic culture.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows: 

Required Courses

SPAN 203 Oral and Written Spanish I
SPAN 204 Oral and Written Spanish II
SPAN 301 Current Idiomatic Spanish
One of the following:
  SPAN 213   Intermediate Conversation
  SPAN 306   Readings in Hispanic Literature I
  SPAN 308   Readings in Hispanic Literature II
Two of the following:
  SPAN 303   Culture of Spain
  SPAN 304   Culture of Latin America
  SPAN 305   Culture of Hispanics in U.S.A.
  SPAN 461   Literature Seminar I
  SPAN 462   Literature Seminar II