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Math Lab Tutoring Schedule

Math Lab Tutoring Schedule
Spring 2017
Carson 213

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 Alex Gregory Joseph Santantasio Alex Gregory Joseph Santantasio Alex Gregory
10 Lyndsey Wadsworth Joseph Santantasio Lyndsey Wadsworth Derek Bull Lyndsey Wadsworth
11 Jeremy Florence Genevieve Claverie Jeremy Florence Chris Pavente Montana Earle
Noon Jeremy Florence Genevieve Claverie Jeremy Florence Genevieve Claverie Montana Earle
1 Mary Kate Graham Montana Earle Derek Bull Montana Earle  
2 Heidi Kreckel Chris Pavente Derek Bull Joseph Santantasio  
3 Anton Wilkins Alex Gregory Anton Wilkins Anton Wilkins  
4 Heidi Kreckel Mary Kate Graham Anton Wilkins Anton Wilkins  
5 Heidi Kreckel Mary Kate Graham Genevieve Claverie Chris Pavente  
6 Chris Pavente Derek Bull Chris Pavente Mary Kate Graham  

Help is Available for: MA 100, MA101, MA102, MA110, MA125, MA 141, MA 142, MA151, MA152, and MA253.


  1. We are here to help you succeed in your LOWER DIVISION math class(es).
  2. In order to help you in your quest to learn mathematics, please do not ask us to do your homework problems and/or test/exam corrections.
  3. We will be happy to help you understand and/or solve similar problems. At times, it may be necessary for us to refer to your textbook. This helps to refresh our memories (remember we are also students) and it enables us to show you how to find necessary information in your book. This is a crucial skill for success in mathematics!
  4. Please realize that the math lab is open for all SUNY Potsdam students on a walk-in basis, thus it may or may not be full when you arrive for help. In light of this, plan accordingly and please do not wait until the last possible minute to get help.
  5. If you have any suggestions/concerns please contact Dr. Person at 267-2068, in her office at MacVicar 218, or via email.