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B.A. in Political Science

Contact Person:
Robert Hinckley, Chair
309-C Satterlee, (315) 267-2563,

33-36 credit hours required. Plus 3 credits of cognates.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 22-24*)
POLS 110 Introduction to U.S. Politics (4 credits)
POLS 130 Introduction to Comparative Politics (4 credits)
POLS 140 Introduction to International Relations (4 credits)
POLS 200 Political Ideas (4 credits)
POLS 289 Approaching Political Puzzles (4 credits)
POLS 400 Senior Seminar (4 credits)

*All SUNY Potsdam Politics courses are 4 credits, but students can count up to two 3 credit lower-division Politics courses taken at other colleges towards the Major if those courses have been accepted for transfer and
authorized as equivalent in content on the transfer credit evaluation.

Cognate Requirement: one statistics course (Credits 3)

Plus Limited Electives (Credits 11-12*)
One upper-division course in three of the following areas (a course cannot be used to fulfill more than one of the three required fields):
  Political Theory (3-4 credits)
  Comparative Politics (3-4 credits)
  International Relations (3-4 credits)
  U.S. Politics (3-4 credits)

*All SUNY Potsdam Politics courses are 4 credits, but students can count one 3 credit upper-division Politics courses towards the Major if that course has been (a) taken at another college and accepted as equivalent in content for transfer, or (b) offered by another SUNY Potsdam department and is cross-listed as an upper-division Politics course. Therefore, at least two of the limited electives must be courses taken in the SUNY Potsdam Politics Department.


  1. Students must have at least 70 hours outside any one department. Consequently, majors should not take more than 3 additional courses beyond those required for the major.
  2. Students must earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in all courses counted toward the politics major.
  3. Only one course (4 credits) for the major can be taken S/U.
  4. No more than 4 credits in internships can be counted toward the major.

Recommended Coursework Outside the Major
This is dependent upon students’ educational and professional objectives. Students are strongly urged to consult with a departmental adviser regarding appropriate course selections.