B.A. in Criminal Justice Studies

Contact Person:
Dr. Jeremy J. van Blommestein, Chair
317-3 Satterlee, (315) 267-2569, vanblojj@potsdam.edu

37-39 credit hours required.

Criminal Justice Studies is the study of the criminal justice system: the perpetrators, agencies and actors involved in the processing and definition of crime, and the social, political and economic phenomena impacting each. The Criminal Justice Studies major provides a broad  interdisciplinary, liberal arts orientation with course requirements in Philosophy, Politics and Sociology and the opportunity for students to elect to study course in Anthropology, Chemistry and Psychology.
All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses

SOCI 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies
SOCI 315 Research Methods
SOCI 345 Criminology
SOCI 455 Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 475 Senior Seminar in criminal justice topic area/criminal justice policy
POLS 312 Crime and Justice (4 credits)

Statistics Requirement


STAT 100 or MATH 125 or CIS 125

Electives: four of the following 12-14
ANTH 380 Human Osteology  
ANTH 402 Forensic Anthropology  
CHEM 315 Forensic Science  
PHIL 120
Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 332 Philosophy of Law  
PHIL 333
Philosophy of Justice
POLS 321 Politics & the Judicial Process (4 credits)
POLS 327
Law & Society
POLS 334
Democracy Lab
POLS 412 Constitutional Law (4 credits)  
POLS 413 Civil Liberties I (4 credits)  
PSYC 375 Abnormal Psychology  
PSYC 377 Forensic Psychology  
PSYC 424 Child Maltreatment  
SOCI 353 Comparative Criminology  
SOCI 376 Women & Crime  
SOCI 380 Family Violence  
SOCI 385 Sociology of Troubled Youth  
SOCI 386 Victimology  
SOCI 387 Sociology of Policing  
SOCI 388
Violent Crime
SOCI 390 Sociology of Mental Illness  
SOCI 435 Correction & Punishment  
SOCI 450 White-Collar and Organized Crime
SOCI 470 Field Research/Practicum (3-6 credits)