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B.A. in Theatre Education

Contact Person:
Leslie Delosh, Department Secretary,
(315) 267-2556,

James W. Pecora
238 Satterlee, (315) 267-2547,

66-70 credits required. Plus 8 credits of cognates.

All courses must be passed with a grade of 2.0 or higher to count towards the major.

Students of SUNY Potsdam's undergraduate certificate in Theatre Education will graduate fully prepared to enter communities-whatever their composition-and teach theatre, integrate the art form into other disciplines and pursue advanced studies in the field. Students will graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that make one a well-educated citizen, a reflective practitioner and a principled educator.

Graduates of the program will be experienced in all facets of theatre-from the technical elements, to performance and directing, management and design. Furthermore, students will have exposure to the philosophies and practical application of drama and theatre in the classroom as well as in communities. These experiences, alongside the solid liberal arts education students receive at SUNY Potsdam, allow graduates to emerge from the program as well rounded individuals ready to seek employment in a variety of settings. Their course work in education and the pedagogy of theatre teaching will expose them to the ethical and professional responsibilities of teachers.

SUNY Potsdam supports the development of the community-minded theatre artist in its strong commitment to a liberal arts education. All graduates must have a minimum of 38 credit hours (not including modern language requirements) in general education.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Content Core: required courses 34-38
DRAM 101 Introduction to Performance Studies
DRAM 210 Interpretation and Analysis of Plays  
DRAM 251 Foundations of Design for Stage (4 credits)  
DRAM 312 Theatre History I  
DRAM 313 Theatre History II  
DRAM 414 Contemporary Theatre Topics
One of the following:
DRAM 120 Performance Explorations  
DRAM 235 Introduction to Acting
One of the following:    
DRAM 205 Production Techniques: Dance/Drama/Music  
DRAM 206 Fundamentals of Technical Theatre (4 credits)  
Three of the following:  
DRAM 223 Costume Construction (4 credits)  
DRAM 244 Stage Management  
DRAM 302 Directing I  
DRAM 331 Costume Design  
DRAM 333 Stage Make up and Mask Design (4 credits)  
DRAM 336 Scene Study and Realism (4 credits)  
DRAM 337 Shakespeare and Verse  
DRAM 338 Audition Techniques  
DRAM 343 Advanced Stagecraft and Production  
DRAM 353 Scene Design  
DRAM 355 Lighting Design for the Stage  
DRAM 363 Theatre for Young Audiences  
DRAM 364 Applied Theatre  
DRAM 403 Directing II (4 credits)  
DRAM 438 Acting for Camera  
DRAM 439 Comedy and Comic Styles  
DRAM 441 Pivotal Playwrights  
Graduation Requirement: All theatre majors complete a project in the senior year with the approval of faculty adviser and department. In the case of Theatre Education Majors, student teaching (EDUC 419 and SECD 457) fulfills this requirement.
Pedagogical Core 31
EDLS 201 Principles of Education  
EDLS 207 Literacy I  
EDLS 315 Teaching Students with Special Needs: Grades 5-12  
DRAM 361 Methods Theatre Education Elementary  
DRAM 362 Methods Theatre Education Secondary  
DRAM 371 Field Experience: Pre K-5 (1 credit)  
DRAM 372 Field Experience: Secondary (1 credits)  
EDLS 415 Seminar: Issues in Theatre Education (2 credit)  
EDUC 419 Student Teaching: Pre K-6 (6 credits)  
SECD 457 Student Teaching: 7-12 (6 credits)  
Cognates   8
PSYC 220 Child Development  
PSYC 321 Psychology of Adolescence  
HLTH 230 School Health (2 credits)