Minor in Acting

Contact Person:
Leslie Delosh, Department Secretary,
(315) 267-2556, deloshle@potsdam.edu

James W. Pecora
238 Satterlee, (315) 267-2547, pecorajw@potsdam.edu

19 credit hours required. Open to all majors including Theatre Majors.
For students majoring in Theatre, only 2 courses or 8 credit hours may overlap with the Theatre Major.

The Acting Minor consists of a concentration of courses designed for those students who wish to strengthen their capacity for performing in plays, operas and musicals as well as for those students interested in this area for purposes of increased self-knowledge, increased poise, and the development of avocation. Theatre majors with specific interests in acting would be well served by this minor as an additional stepping stone to graduate or professional schools.
All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses   19
DRAM 235 Introduction to Acting  
DRAM 336 Scene Study and Realism (4 credits)  
Three of the following:  
  DRAM 337   Shakespeare and Verse  
  DRAM 338   Audition Techniques  
  DRAM 438   Acting for Camera
  DRAM 439   Comedy and Comic Styles
  DRAM 441   Pivotal Playwrights  
One of the following:  
  DRAM 210 Interpretation and Analysis of Plays  
  DRAM 312 Theatre History I  
  DRAM 313 Theatre History II  
  DRAM 414 Contemporary Theatre Topics  

Acting Minor Policies on Student Grades and Performing

Any student receiving a grade of 1.0 or less for any course offered through the Department of Theatre and Dance will be ineligible for casting in any student directed or choreographed production during the semester immediately following the semester in which the failing grade is issued. Eligibility in faculty directed or choreographed productions will be left to the discretion of the directing faculty member and the Department Chair.