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Minor in Design and Technical Theatre

Contact Person:
Don Borsh, Chair
222 Performing Arts Center, (315) 267-2233,

20-22 credit hours required. NOT AVAILABLE FOR THEATRE MAJORS.

The Design and Technical Theatre Minor consists of a concentration of courses in the craft, theory, and art of design and technical theatre. Students from a variety of majors including art, dance, education and music may use the minor to strengthen their preparation for future careers. Students may be given design assignments for one-act plays, or on occasion may design a major faculty-directed production. The minor also prepares students for graduate work in design or technical theatre.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 20-22)
DRAM 101 Introduction to Performances Studies
DRAM 206 Fundamentals of Technical Theatre (4 credits)
DRAM 210 Interpretation and Analysis of Plays
DRAM 251 Foundations of Design for Stage (4 credits)
Two of the following:
  DRAM 244 Stage Management
  DRAM 223 Costume Construction (4 credits)
  DRAM 331 Costume Design
  DRAM 333 Stage Makeup and Mask Design (4 credits)
  DRAM 343 Advanced Stagecraft and Production
  DRAM 353 Scene Design
  DRAM 355 Lighting Design for the Stage

Design and Technical Theatre Minor Policies on Student Grades and Performing
Any student receiving a grade of 1.0 or less for any course offered through the Department of Theatre and Dance will be ineligible for casting in any student directed or choreographed production during the semester immediately following the semester in which the failing grade is issued. Eligibility in faculty directed or choreographed productions will be left to the discretion of the directing faculty member and the Department Chair.