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Student Voices


Kyle Chamberlin
Kyle Chamberlin
3rd year Music Education Major, NAfME Secretary
NYS Athletic Coaching Certification
Colonie, New York

What I like about studying music education at Crane!

If you are thinking about being a music teacher, then Crane is the place for you! Why?

Crane provides Music Education students opportunities to teach beginning instrumentalists, general music and choral students grades K-8. The education faculty here has years of experience that they use to help us develop into young and powerful music educators. As future music teachers we take Principles of Music Education (PME), Music Teaching and Learning (MTL), and General Music Practicum. In these courses, we study teaching principles, practice writing lesson plans, design our own K-12 curriculum, create our own professional websites, and build our resumes by teaching elementary and middle school age children. Together these experiences connect theory with practice. Here at Crane you will become a part of a family of educators and part of an educational tradition that is over 186 years old. If you're ready to be challenged on your perceptions of educational philosophies and principles, then Crane is the place for you. And, of course, the faculty are always available to help you. They like you and they want to see you succeed!

Ben_RyboltBenjamin Rybolt
Graduate Music Education Major
Rochester, New York

The Crane Graduate Music Education Program

Invest in your future.

One of the missions of a good college education is that it should teach you how to think and how to use your mind. Crane's graduate music education program does just that - it's not just a program where you learn specific skills needed immediately in the workplace. Its a program that challenges your thinking about possibilities, about paradigms, about perspectives, and about practices. The graduate music education program is a place to invest in yourself and a place where the faculty invests in you and believes in the long-term intellectual, creative, and social capacity of human beings. Come and connect, build a new chapter to your professional life, and make the most of your experience.

Nicole Mihalek

3rd year Music Education Major with Special Education Concentration
Medford, New York

Crane gives back everything you put in to it!

Its the people that make the difference.

When freshmen ask for my advice, I always give the same anecdote: "Crane gives back everything you put into it!" This institution provides multiple opportunities for both musical and professional development. Our professors have open minds not only in practice, but as people. I have truly enjoyed getting to know each member of this faculty, to the point that we keep in touch even after their classes have ended. I've had the opportunity of traveling to the Mountain Lake Colloquium for General Music Teachers (2013) and will soon be attending the Band Pedagogy and Conducting workshop at the University of Michigan (2014) - both opportunities made possible by Crane faculty connections. Within Crane, I've had the opportunity to work with the Wind Ensemble and Campus-Community Band, practicing conducting and rehearsal techniques. Perhaps the most wonderful thing about daily life in Crane is the people you meet. I've gotten to know my closest friends in both education and performance courses alike. Professional connections are keys to success in today's climate, and Crane offers opportunities to make those which last a lifetime.

Jameson Wells
2nd year Music Education Major
Hampstead, New Hampshire

Get the resources you need to take charge of your education.

Good things come to those who pursue their dreams.

Crane has given me the confidence and the knowledge to pursue a career in music. I have been given opportunities that I would have never received anywhere else. The student centered environment of Crane has allowed me the opportunity to take charge of my education. I was able to attend the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) and the College Music Society (CMS) conferences, obtain two research internships focused on the musical works of lesser-known composers, and co-author with a faculty member an article on music education published in the Music Educators Journal (MEJ). These opportunities arose out of the connections and support of Crane's faculty because they are focused on creating the best experiences for a student?s professional development.

Practicum_Emily_Kayl_ZinoKayla Kesner,William Zino &Emily Buckley
3rd year Music Education Majors
Brasher Falls,New York;Manlius,New York; &Williston Park, New York

Real Life Teaching Experience Counts!

Being in the classroom is one of the best experiences you can have in preparing you to teach.

Crane provides opportunities for you to do early hands-on teaching through our music practicum program. There are a variety of music practicum courses, including General Music, Choral, Band, Orchestra, Special Education, and Early Childhood. In these practica we design curriculum and lesson plans, and use student assessment methods backed by progressive educational principles and theories. Each practicum is headed by Crane music education faculty members who work with you in teams or on an individual basis. This provides a simultaneous learning and application opportunity to test and refine ideas.These guided opportunities are a key component of career development that help to ensure success of future teaching endeavors. Working with students of all ages is exciting and enlightening because it helps you learn how to adapt to new contexts, learning styles, interests and abilities. Practicum is one of the most rewarding teaching experiences offered at Crane and is essential to your career development. We certainly enjoyed working together as a team in the general music practicum.

Kaylie_StreitKaylie Streit
3rd year Music Education Major
Lancaster, New York

Experience, opportunity and making connections

I learned the most about myself, teaching, and music through discovery, opportunities, and making connections.

As I look back on my past three years at the Crane School of Music, I realize just how much I have learned and discovered through the many experiences, opportunities, and connectivity of many of the classes. I have come to realize that many of the classes are intertwined and go beyond the content of the lesson to be useful in teaching as well. The Music Teaching and Learning class that I participated in has made connections to my String Practices class, secondary instrument classes, and my class on the Principles of Suzuki Teaching. These experiences have helped in my development and teaching in the National String Project and other practicums I have taught in. Each of these classes and my interactions with the corresponding professors have provided me with authentic experiences that have allowed me to discover a great deal about teaching, myself as a teacher, and different perspectives and theories in teaching.