Degree Programs/Advising

The Crane School of Music offers a variety of degree programs to meet the needs of students pursuing a career in the field of music. 

More information on each of these individual programs can be found through the links below.  We also encourage you to contact our school directly for information about what the Crane School has to offer for you.  Current students may also download Course Sequence and Curriculum Audit Sheets for their catalog year using the links at the right. All documents are in Adobe PDF format.

Crane Undergraduate Student Handbook (also known as the Crane Academic Information Supplement)

Important Information Regarding Keyboard Credit by Exam

Course Sequence and Curriculum Summary Sheets Academic Year 2013-2014 


Note: Students admitted to The Crane School of Music majoring in music education will automatically be placed into the following tracks based on their applied studio. Students interested in following a different track (with the exception of those moving to the General Music Track) will be required to audition with the appropriate ensemble director (or designee) and be accepted on an appropriate secondary performance medium. All piano, guitar, and harp players accepted into the Choral Track would follow the Choral/Piano, Choral/Guitar or Choral/Harp course sequence respectively. Please contact the Crane Office of Admissions for more information.                       

       Applied Studio            Music Education Track    
       Wind and Percussion            Band Track    
       Bowed Strings            Orchestra Track    
       Voice            Choral Track    
       Piano, Guitar and Harp            General Music Track