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Summer Graduate Music Courses

The "2+2" Master of Music in Music Education Degree at Crane

The Master of Music in Music Education degree may be completed in as little as two summers with as few as two additional online courses (2+2). Summer courses are taught by Crane faculty and distinguished guest faculty. Graduate Music Admissions information can be found on this webpage. The summer admissions deadline is May 1st.

Over the course of two summers, students will have the opportunity to take electives in thee main areas: music technology, creativity, and global music. This is in addition to required coursework in music education, music history, and music theory, and still leaves opportunities for students to take additional electives in music education or other subjects. The entire degree plan for the degree can be found here.

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On-Campus Summer 2017 Courses

Four week session, Monday, Monday, June 26 - Thursday, July 20, 2017 (classes meet Monday-Thursday)

MUCE 601: Philosophies and Issues in Music Education (76333, 8am section; 76334, 11am section)
Instructor: Dr. Mark Robin Campbell

Survey of educational philosophies which have influenced current thought. Discussion of issues regarding public school music instruction, administration, and supervision including curricular structure and evaluative techniques.

MUCH 638: Music in America (76336)
Instructor: Dr. David Blake

Survey of the variety of musical experiences in the United States, including Native-American music, early American psalmody, and the respective developments leading to jazz and the commercial genres. Special emphasis will be given to major movements and composers of the cultivated tradition and the avant-garde.

MUCH 614 Symphonic Literature (76335)
Instructor: Dr. Timothy Sullivan
Examination of symphonic works in the standard repertoire. Emphasis will be placed upon the aesthetic, stylistic, and historical aspects of the literature.

One week session: Monday, July 24 - Friday, July 28, 2017 (classes meet Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm)

MUCH 611: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music (76332)
Instructor: Dr. James Madeja
A survey of bibliographic and resource materials in music, education, and music education. Examination of basic research methodologies, techniques and procedures and their practical applications. This is a core course required for all Master of Music degrees at Crane.

MUCE 523: Advanced Issues in Music Education: Creativity and Psychology of Teaching and Learning (76331)
Instructor: Dr. Mark Robin Campbell

Workshop seminar on musical creativity in the classroom and ensemble settings and an exploration of the psycho-philosophical ideas attached to different approaches to teaching.

One week session, Monday, July 31 - Friday, August 4, 2017 (classes meet Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm)

MUCE 520 Topics in Music Technology (76330)
Instructor: Dr. Peter McCoy
A seminar exploring computer, MIDI and Multimedia technology as it might be applied in a music education setting. The hands-on sessions in the Crane MIDI Lab will include the following: use of a generic office software for managing classroom records, tasks and class presentations; MIDI sequencing and auto-accompaniment generating software, and possible uses in music education; utilization of music notation software; introduction to multimedia programming for creating interactive classroom materials; and accessing and creating simple documents for the musical World Wide Web. Although prior knowledge of computer/MIDI technology will be helpful, it is not required. 

MUCE 523: Advanced Issues in Music Education: Topics in Secondary General Music (76343)
Instructor: Dr. Emmett O'Leary
Through this course students will examine current topics and trends related to secondary general music. The course will focus on the use of popular and vernacular musics as a means of facilitating relevant and compelling musical experiences for adolescent learners. Topics include: working with adolescent learners, popular music pedagogy, songwriting, authentic assessment practices, and engaging students in meaningful listening and responding activities. The course includes clear connections to modern music standards frameworks and is presented through modern curricular and learning theories.

Other Courses

Session I: Thursday, May 25 - Thursday, June 29, 2017

MUCE 533 Band Instrument Maintenance for Wind Educators (76356)
Instructor: Miles DeCastro

Students will have to opportunity to diagnose and correct common mechanical problems of wind instruments in a hands-on setting. In addition to flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone, this class will cover percussion maintenance, with special attention to drum head replacement and tuning.

Online: MUCE 645: Music in Special Education (76043)
Instructor: Tracy Wanamaker

Acquaints music education students with the individualized education program (IEP) process, music materials and techniques for teaching special learners in self-contained classrooms or mainstreamed into music classes. Readings, observations, music activities and originally designed materials a part of this class.

Online: MUCE 555 Reaching and Teaching All Students Through Learning Styles (76337)
Instructor: Dr. Caron Collins

This course explores the student-centered philosophies of Julia E. Crane, various contemporary learning style theories and their everyday application in the music classroom or rehearsal room. Students will design lesson plans that provide meaningful musical experiences while
addressing the variety of learning preferences of individual students. 

Online: GRED 516: Diversity & Advocacy in Education (76020)
Instructor: Dr. Deborah Conrad

The course is designed to help increase education students' awareness of cultural diversity and its relationship to advocacy in education. Upon completion of this course students will see themselves as advocates--utilizing equity pedagogy and prejudice reduction strategies--committed to developing school cultures that are socially just for all.

Session II: Monday, July 10 - Friday, August 11, 2017

Online: GRED 503 Education Law (76008)
Instructor: Dr. Robyn Hosley

Study of principles and procedures underlying educational law in the United States with emphasis upon New York State. Analysis of critical current issues, church-state relationships, discipline, liability and teacher rights and responsibilities.