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Summer Graduate Music Courses


The "2+2" Master of Music in Music Education Degree at Crane

The Master of Music in Music Education degree may be completed in as little as two summers with as few as two additional online courses (2+2). Summer courses are taught by Crane faculty and distinguished guest faculty. Graduate Music Admissions information can be found on this webpage. The summer admissions deadline is May 1st.

Over the course of two summers, students will have the opportunity to take electives in thee main areas: music technology, creativity, and global music. This is in addition to required coursework in music education, music history, and music theory, and still leaves opportunities for students to take additional electives in music education or other subjects. The entire degree plan for the degree can be found here.

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Four week session, Monday, Monday, June 27 - Thursday, July 21, 2016 (classes meet Monday-Thursday)

MUCE 608: Curriculum Development in the School Music Program
Instructor: Dr. Mark Robin Campbell

Examination of the systematic process of program development. Focus upon the development of general goals, program objectives, and instructional objectives, as well as the design and sequence of musical experiences and materials. Final project involves the development of a program for a specific course of study; school music teachers are encouraged to gear projects toward their own specific teaching situations.


MUCT 695: Instrumentation & Arranging
Instructor: Dr. Timothy Sullivan

Master the basics of instrumentation through study and exercises. Complete several small arranging assignments, and one final arranging project. Students may independently choose the particulars for all assignments (source material, ensemble, etc.); the only stipulation is that each assignment must be for a different instrumentation. The primary goal is for each student to personalize the assignments so as to build skills that will maximize the usefulness of this course.


One week session: Monday, July 25 ? Friday, July 29, 2016

MUCH 611: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music
Instructor: Dr. James Madeja
A survey of bibliographic and resource materials in music, education, and music education. Examination of basic research methodologies, techniques and procedures and their practical applications. This is a core course required for all Master of Music degrees at Crane.

MUCE 523: Advanced Issues in Music Education: Social Justice and Hip Hop Pedagogy
Instructor: Dr. Mark Robin Campbell

Examination of critical issues which impact music in the schools, including curriculum development, the use of technology in the music class, multicultural music, and classroom management skills. Based upon a survey of music teachers currently in the program, this summer's focus is on social justice and hip-hop pedagogy.One additional topic will come from each music teacher's own choosing.


One week session, Monday, August 1 ? Friday, August 5, 2016

MUCP 695 Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance
Instructor: Dr. Mark Robin Campbell

Exploration of theoretical and practical foundations of learning music through the integration of performing, creating/composing, conducting, listening to, and discussing music. Emphasis is given to creating performances, examining and creating instruction / assessment strategies aimed at developing the musical skills and knowledge of middle school and high school performance ensembles. Final project involves the preparation of a teaching unit for an ensemble based upon school music teachers? specific teaching situations.




Session I: Thursday, May 26 ? Thursday, June 30, 2016

MUCE 645: Music in Special Education
Instructor: Tracy Wanamaker

Acquaints music education students with the individualized education program (IEP) process, music materials and techniques for teaching special learners in self-contained classrooms or mainstreamed into music classes. Readings, observations, music activities and originally designed materials a part of this class.

MUCE 505: Action Research for Music Educators
Instructor: Dr. Caron Collins

This course is designed to help school band directors, choir directors, and music teachers learn user-friendly action research techniques to find answers to nagging problems that plague their music programs. Techniques will be applied during the course in a mini research project.