Crane Strings and Orchestras

Crane Symphony Orchestra: The Crane Symphony Orchestra is a premier, 90 member performing ensemble at The Crane School of Music. The ensemble performs great orchestral masterworks from the standard and contemporary orchestral literature. Non-Crane string players and string players with other performance concentrations should consult the Conductor of the Crane Symphony Orchestra for audition information. Woodwind, brass, and percussion auditions for all major instrumental ensembles will be given on material which is distributed by the major teachers of each instrument at the end of each semester. Consult studio teacher of your instrument for further information.

Crane String Orchestra: The String Orchestra performs literature written for all sizes of string ensembles, which is exactly that repertoire most useful to school string teachers. The group visits area schools (or other community-service destinations) each semester, and provides a forum for student conductors. Since 2003 there have been too many string students at Crane to accommodate in the Symphony Orchestra; this wonderful surplus has given us the opportunity to form the new ensemble.

Opera Orchestra: Opera Orchestra is available by audition during semesters when needed. Consult Professor Carleen Graham regarding all aspects of opera production at Crane.

Small Ensembles: String Quartets, Harp Ensemble and other "like instrument" ensembles are formed by the applied teachers in the various studio areas at the beginning of each semester. Obtain further information from the appropriate faculty member.