Welcome to Winterim

Welcome to our 2013 Winterim Session!

This year we are once again offering both a three-week and a two-week session. Only online courses are offered in the three week session, while regular face-to-face, hybrid and online courses are available in the two-week session. 

3-Week Session (December 26, 2012 - January 16, 2013) - Online classes only
2-Week Session (January 3 - 16, 2013) - Classroom-based, hybrid and online classes

This year's two-week session, January 3 - 16, 2013 offers you over 30 different graduate and undergraduate courses. Enrolling in a Winterim course has many benefits, including:

  • Taking a course required for your degree.
  • Fulfilling a general education requirement.
  • Taking a course that would not otherwise fit into your Spring 2013 or Fall 2013 semester schedule.
  • Enrolling in a special interest/unique topic or travel course that is not offered during regular semesters.

If we can assist you in any way please call us at (315) 267-2166, or on our toll free number (800) 458-1142.

We look forward to seeing you this January.

Dr. Thomas Fuhr
Director, Extended Education