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B.S. in Community Health

Contact Person:
Kathleen O'Rourke, Chair

101A Dunn, (315) 267-3392,

47 credit hours required. Plus 7 credits of cognates.

The community health major requires students to successfully complete 26 core course credits, 9 credits of HLTH electives, a 12-credit internship, and 7 credits of cognate courses. Students must also earn at least a 2.0 in courses counting towards the major and maintain an overall GPA in the major of a 2.5 to participate in the culminating internship. Students may not take any core courses S/U.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Core Courses

HLTH 165 Health: A Lifestyle Approach
HLTH 310 Health Disparities
HLTH 361 Foundations of Community Health

HLTH 380 Theory in Community Health
HLTH 385 Epidemiology and Biostatistics
HLTH 430 Human Disease: Patterns, Prevention and Intervention
HLTH 470 Program Planning
HLTH 480 Program Evaluation
HLTH 485 Pre-internship seminar (2 credits)
HLTH 490 Internship (12 credits)

Electives: three of the following

HLTH 200 Therapeutic Recreation
HLTH 250 Drug Studies
HLTH 300 Environmental Health

HLTH 325 Alcohol Studies
HLTH 331 Death and Dying
HLTH 333 Human Nutrition
HLTH 341 Sexual Health
HLTH 342 Women?s Health
HLTH 343
Maternal and Child Health

HLTH 344 Issues in Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Health
HLTH 345
Child Abuse and Neglect

HLTH 346
Preventing Violence Against Women

HLTH 371 Nutrition for Special Populations
HLTH 373 Current Topics in Community Health Nutrition

HLTH 375 Navigating the American Diet
HLTH 425 Exercise Physiology
HLTH 295, 395 or 495 Special Topics
HLTH 298, 398 or 498 Tutorial


BIOL 107 Human Biology OR

BIOL 210
Anatomy and Physiology Lecture
BIOL 210 Intro to Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1 credit) OR

HLTH 210
Virtual Anatomy and Physiology Cadaver Lab (1 credit)
STAT 100 Statistics

Note: Seventy-five liberal arts credits are required for the B.S. degree. General Education requirements are the same as for the B.A. program.


To declare the major, contact the chair of the Department of Community Health.