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Minor in Therapeutic Recreation

Contact Person:

Mark Simon

100D Satterlee, 315-267-3130,

18 credit hours required.

The Therapeutic Recreation minor will prepare students to assist special populations (those with physical, emotional or intellectual challenges) to engage in back country recreation activities. Activities such as hiking, camping and other outdoor activities are a means for special populations to use their leisure time in engaging, healthy and meaningful ways.

A minimum of 18 hours of credit is required of all students seeking a Therapeutic Recreation minor. Students must earn at least a 2.0 in each course to receive credit for the minor.

This minor is open to all students regardless of major. Students may use (i.e., "double count") only two courses to fulfill requirements for both the minor and their major.

To declare the Therapeutic Recreation minor, contact the chair of the Department of Community Health or the Wilderness Education Coordinator.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Core Courses

Therapeutic Recreation
WILD 160 Introduction to Rock Climbing
WILD 360 Leadership in Adventure Education
HLTH 479 Minor Seminar: Therapeutic Recreation Section

(2 credits)

Electives: choose three of the following

HLTH 165
Health: A Lifestyles Approach Added
HLTH 250
Drug Studies
HLTH 325
Alcohol Studies
HLTH 430
Human Disease (Prereq.: BIOL 107) Changed from Core Course to Elective Course
PSYC 220
Child Psychopathology
PSYC 321
Adolescent Psychology(Prereq.: PSYC 100 or 220)
PSYC 322
Mental Retardation (Prereq: PSYC 100 & 220 or permission)
PSYC 323
Adulthood, Middle Age & Aging (Prereq:PSYC 100 & 220; Offered occasionally)
PSYC 364
Counseling Theory and Methods (Prereq: PSYC 370 or 375)
PSYC 375
Abnormal Psychology (Prereq: PSYC 100)
PSYC 376
Child Psychopathology(Prereq: PSYC 375)
SOCI 335
Sociology of Aging(Prereq: SOCI 101) Added
SOCI 385
Sociology of Troubled Youth (Prereq: SOCI 101) Added
SOCI 390
Sociology of Mental Illness(Prereq: SOCI 101) Added
SOCI 465
Sociology of Health and Illness (Prereq: SOCI 101) Added