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B.A. in Childhood/Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 6)

Contact Person:
Julie Reagan, Program Coordinator
214 Satterlee, (315) 267-3162,

126-131 total credit hours required.

Education Major

48-51 credit hours required.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 10)
EDLS 201 Principles of Education (prerequisite to the following education courses)
EDLS 207 Early Childhood Literacy (4 credits) (prerequisite to Block I)
EDLS 320 Research and Assessment

Professional Block I: (prerequisite to Block II) (Credits 13)
EDLS 306 Literacy Foundations
EDLS 314 Teaching Students with Special Needs, Grades Birth-6
EDUC 308 Practicum I (1 credit)
EDUC 310 Childhood/Early Childhood Mathematics Methods: PK-6
EDUC 312 Childhood/Early Childhood Social Studies Methods: PK-6

Professional Block II: (prerequisite to student teaching) (Credits 14)
EDUC 303 Creative & Sensory Experiences for Young Children B-2
EDUC 407 Integrated Literacy
EDUC 408 Practicum II (2 credits)
EDUC 409 Childhood/Early Childhood Science Methods: PK-6
EDUC 411 Foundations of Classroom Behavior for Childhood/
Early Childhood PK-6

Student Teaching Semester (Credits 14)
EDLS 414 Student Teaching Seminar (2 credits)
EDUC 425 Student Teaching Internship I: PK-Grade 2 (6 credits)
EDUC 426 Student Teaching Internship II: Grades 3-6 (6 credits)

Certification Requirements

  1. New York State Teacher Certification Examinations required for Initial Certification.
  2. Fingerprinting Clearance Arts and Sciences Concentration 60-62 credit hours. All courses in the Arts and Sciences concentration must be completed with a 2.0 or higher.

Please note: General Education requirements can be met by your choices in this section. Choices could yield need for additional required credits. Seek guidance from your adviser.

English (Credits 10)
COMP 101 Writing and Critical Thinking (4 credits)
LITR 100 Introduction to Literature
COMM 106 Basic Principles of Speech

Mathematics (Credits 6)
Students interested in the math specialization, major or minor, should contact the Department of Mathematics prior to registering for the following courses:
MATH 101 Mathematics for Elementary Education I
MATH 102 Mathematics for Elementary Education II

Science (Credits 9)
BIOL125 Biological Concepts
GEOL125 Dynamic Earth
Plus one of the following:
  PHYS 100 Physical Science
  CHEM 125 Matter and Energy

Note: For students planning to pursue a science specialization in physics, PHYS 101 College Physics I is a recommended alternative to PHYS 100 or CHEM 125.

Social Science/History (Credits 9)
HIST 100 World History
HIST 121 U.S. History and Geography
HIST 111 European History and Geography

Fine Arts I: one of the following (Credits 3-4)
ANTH 140 World Art and Culture
ARTH 100 Idea and Image
ARTH 101 Survey of Art: Ancient to Renaissance
ARTH 102 Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern
DANC 100 Mind of the Artist (4 credits)
DRAM 101 Introduction to Performance Studies
DRAM 208 Orientation to Theater
DRAM 210 Interpretation and Analysis of Plays
DRAM 312 History of Theatre I
DRAM 313 History of Theatre II
MULH 101 Crane Live

Fine Arts II: one of the following (Credits 3-4)
ARTS 107 Introduction to Watercolor
ARTS 110 Foundations of Drawing I (4 credits)
ARTS 120 Color and Design (4 credits)
ARTS 144 Art of Handmade Paper
DANC 302 Dance Education and Performance for Children K-4 (4 credits)
DRAM 235 Introduction to Acting
DRAM 363 Theatre for Young Audiences
DRAM 364 Applied Theatre
MULT 101 Music Theory for Non-Music Majors I

Psychology (Credits 6)
PSYC 220 Child Development
PSYC 350 Educational Psychology

Health (Credits 3)
HLTH 230 School Health (CA, SAVE, DASA)

Modern Language (ML) Requirement or Liberal Arts Elective (Credits 9)
Note: If ML has been satisfied, 9 credits of liberal arts elective credits must be selected.

Physical Education Requirements (Credits 2)
PE 148 Cooperative Activities (1 credit)

Specialization Areas

15-18 credit hours required.

All Childhood/Early Childhood Education majors must select one of the following Specialization Areas. Contact the Department of the specialization area of your choice to declare, be assigned a specialization area adviser and select appropriate courses. Each course in the specialization area must be completed with a 2.0 or higher.

The GPA for the specialization area (including courses in the Arts and Sciences Concentration related to the specialization discipline) must be 2.5 or higher to be allowed to complete the Childhood/Early Childhood Education Program and enroll in student teaching.

English Specialization (Credits 16-17)
One of the following:
  LITR 200 Literary Traditions
  LITR 201 Patterns of Literature
Plus one of the following:
  COMP 201 Writing Arguments (4 credits)
  COMP 202 Introduction to Creative Writing (4 credits)
Plus all of the following:
LITR 322 Children’s Literature
LITR One 300-level LITR course
One Upper Division non-Literature Elective: LNGS, COMP or COMM (3-4 credits)

Mathematics Specialization (Credits 17)
MATH 151 Calculus I (4 credits)
MATH 152 Calculus II (4 credits)
MATH 340 Set Theory and Logic
MATH 375 Linear Algebra I
MATH Upper Division Elective (chosen under advisement)

Biology Specialization (Credits 16-18)
BIOL 152 General Biology II (4 credits)
BIOL 300 Ecology
BIOL 311 Genetics
BIOL Upper Division Electives (6-8 credits)

Chemistry Specialization (Credits 17)
CHEM 105 General Chemistry I (4 credits)
CHEM 106 General Chemistry II (4 credits)
Plus at least nine credits from the following:
  CHEM 301 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
  CHEM 304 Chemistry Lab Techniques (1-2 credits)
  CHEM 311 Quantitative Analysis (4 credits)
  CHEM 315 Forensic Science
  CHEM 341 Organic Chemistry I (4 credits)
  CHEM 342 Organic Chemistry II (4 credits)

Geology Specialization (Credits 15)
GEOL 204 Historical Geology
Select 12 credits from the following:
  GEOL 301 Sedimentary Geology (4 credits)
  GEOL 302 Principles of Paleontology (4 credits)
  GEOL 306 Geology of our National Parks
  GEOL 311 Mineralogy (4 credits)
  GEOL 340 Geographic Information Systems (4 credits)
  GEOL 370 Science in Society
  GEOL 407 Geophysics
  GEOL 409 Seismology and Plate Tectonics
  GEOL 430 Hydrology & Hydrogeology
  GEOL 440 Economic Geology (3 credits)
  GEOL 475 Geology Laboratory Techniques (1 credit)
  PHYS 330 Meteorology
  PHYS 335 Astronomy

Physics Specialization (Credits 16)
One of the following:
  PHYS 111 Laser and Light
  PHYS 130 Music Acoustics
Plus all of the following:
PHYS 202 College Physics II (4 credits)
PHYS 330 Meteorology
PHYS 335 Astronomy

Plus one of the following:
  PHYS 325 Energy and the Environment
  GEOL 407 Geophysics
  CHEM 301 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
  CHEM 315 Forensic Science

Social Science/History Specialization (Credits 16-17)
HIST 379 History of New York State
POLS 110 Introduction to U.S. Politics (4 credits)
Upper Division Elective in European or North American History
Upper Division Elective in Asian, African or Latin American History
Upper Division Social Science Elective: HIST, POLS, ECON or ANTH (3-4 credits)

Childhood/Early Childhood Education Policies can be found at: